3 Body Building Workouts That Can Be Done At Home

Bodybuilding exercises are beneficial for developing muscles and making you bigger. Sports or Bodybuilding enthusiasts and experts say that it provides more energy, improves overall health, and improves sleep as well as psychological moods. Bodybuilding is equally beneficial to the bodybuilders who like to exercise at comfort of their homes. Here are some old school new body workouts that anyone can perform at their home and at work place.

1. Pushups:

Although pushups are usually overlooked, or considered as a warm up technique, they are basic and effective bodybuilding techniques. As you require no special equipments and no specific training to get prepared to do pushups, this technique is best bodybuilding exercise at home. The key objective of all bodybuilding workouts is to avoid injury; therefore you need to start your pushups routine by knee pushups to assess if you can easily handle other regular ones. If you can do more than twenty knee pushups without any issues, then it is too simple and easy for you0, and therefore you can move forward to the regular pushups. Be careful to perform your push-up workout properly, i.e. doing one pushups all the way down and touch your chest to the ground, and then come back again.

3 Body Building Workouts That Can Be Done At Home

2. Bicep Exercises:

You need a barbell to perform Bicep exercises. However if you are performing biceps exercise at home, you can do it with lightweight barbell. The key is to keep proper form. If you cannot keep the proper form, you better avoid this exercise. Start with the elbows at sides and barbell within your hands. Get barbell up to your shoulders’ highest position; breathe out as you perform this. It should take 2 seconds to bring your barbell up to your shoulders’ highest position before you bring it back down. Don’t rest while you reach the highest position; bring it back down in single fluid motion for 2 seconds again.

3 Body Building Workouts That Can Be Done At Home

3. Abs Crunches:

Crunches are the best at home workout as all you require is extreme determination and a flat floor. Lie on the flat surface and look at the roof. Be careful that you do not move your arms and neck because they are on the sides. Only elevate the upper part of your body towards the roof. Crunches are not like the sit-ups; therefore be careful that your lower back remains on the flat surface with only your shoulders actually rising up. Hold this elevated posture for a couple of seconds and then bring your upper body down.

3 Body Building Workouts That Can Be Done At Home

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