Did You Ever Notice These Monuments In Delhi?

Delhi is overflowing with points of interest from the past telling us stories of its turbulent past right from its beginning stage. While each one of us have gone to most of the more “touristy” ones like the Red Fort or the Humayun’s tomb, there is a fortune trove of points of interest out there, holding up to be researched. These are some of the neglected landmarks of Delhi, dismissed by many, and also overlooked by the Government. Trust in the wake of understanding this segment, you will be awakened to visit these valuable jewels from our past.

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Adham Khan’s Tomb

Did You Ever Notice These Monuments In Delhi?

This is another bhulbhulaiya, however not half as loved and feted as the one in Lucknow. It was worked by Akbar. Adham Khan, a minister at the royal court, was the offspring of Akbar’s wet medicinal chaperon Maham Anga. The man was thrown off from the porch of the Agra Fort by the Emperor himself for executing one of his most adored ministers. Lying north of the Qutub Minar, this Mughal structure has a decently non-Mughal shape, since it is octagonal as opposed to hexagonal in light of the fact that, Akbar purposely accentuated this refinement to highlight it as a “traitor’s tomb”.

Salimgarh Fort, MG Marg

Did You Ever Notice These Monuments In Delhi?

Salimgarh Fort saves a basic spot in our obvious legacy. This Fort was worked by Salim Shah Suri, son of Sher Shah Suri in 1546 AD, in the brief period in the Mughal rule when the Suris held impact. You can see the calculated augmentation partner the Red Fort with the Salimgarh fort, worked by Jahangir. Today, this fortification is one of Delhi’s most spooky destinations, with a long record of holding detainees in prison, first in the midst of Aurangzeb’s period, and later amid the British, after the revolt of 1857, and after that with the INA prisoners.

Jamali Kamali Mosque

Simply off the Mehrauli–Gurgaon Road, the sixteenth century Sufi court author Jamali is secured in a tomb nearby Kamali. All things considered, Kamali was the essayist’s (male) lover. A few even say that Kamali is Jamali’s wife. Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque was fabricated some place in the sixteenth century. The mosque is created like a little fortification with turrets and an entryway worked in the style of Lodi tombs. Inside the tomb there are two marble graves with stucco work and calligraphy.

Did You Ever Notice These Monuments In Delhi?

Khirki Masjid, Saket

Did You Ever Notice These Monuments In Delhi?

Khirki Masjid, a covered pearl located in the Khirki area, opposite the Saket Mall in Delhi is another flawless mosque credited to Junan Shah. It has 81 vaults, 180 areas and 15 supplication to God bends. This is a by and large secured mosque, the first of its kind in India, and to modify for this and to ensure proper ventilation, Junan Shah created red sandstone windows instead of dividers giving the mosque its exceptional name. Sadly, even this is instantly one of the ignored milestones of Delhi, however you should look at this one at whatever point conceivable.

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