5 Bizarre Team Building Activities

When you work as part of a team, it is important to trust and respect your colleagues. This doesn’t happen on its own though, usually, this kind of rapport is developed during late nights sweating over projects together. Another way is team building exercises. Here are some strange activities that have been used to build that team spirit.

5 Bizarre Team Building Activities

Slip sliding

Nothing says making the most of everyone’s talents like slithering down a 60-degree gradient courtesy of a large inflatable mat about 60 feet in length placed against the side of a hill. Add some detergent and some oil and dive on to slide to greater cohesion and efficiency. A change of clothing may be required for this as well.


Training to do stunts like in the movies has also been used to make employees tougher and more resilient.

Adrenalin rush

Another exercise drawing on physical toughness is the mock kidnapping. Those who thrive on drama or being blindfolded and handcuffed could enjoy this and be better team players afterwards.

5 Bizarre Team Building Activities

Getting creative

High-performance management and graffiti have not generally been considered to have a lot in common, but some teams have been given paint and spray cans and told get to work.

Bug life

Then there is always extreme eating. The team that eats bugs and insects together apparently works better together. Seeing your colleagues struggle with a deep fried cockroach might be more appetising than crunching through one yourself.

For more on how to get the most from team building activities, see this report from The Guardian.

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The history of team building goes back the 1920s when it was demonstrated that people were more productive when there was a strong group identity. While good relationships can be built over an activity as simple as after work drinks, sometimes employees need to do something or complete a task together. That’s where modern team building exercises come in, and while some can be strange, some are very rewarding.

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