Top Android Apps to Help You Find a Job

Tablets have quickly become indispensable to millions of students across the world, used to play games, watch video, listen to music, surf the web and occasionally even do some work! However, one talent that your tablet could yet showcase is its ability to help you get a job with the help of some great apps. In this rundown, we will be focusing on Android, rather than iOS, apps – Android is becoming increasingly popular for both consumers and manufacturer recently, as evidenced by, for example, Android being the base for this new tablet from Lenovo that was launched recently.

As any seasoned job hunter will tell you, the hardest part of getting a new job is looking for one, and the job hunt can often be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Your tablet can be an invaluable help as, with the aid of job search apps, your job hunt doesn’t have to mean that you’re shackled to your desk at home, but can instead look for work while you’re out and about. There are many apps that offer a variety of different jobs in numerous locations, with a good example being’s Android app, which has hundreds of jobs in places like the US and the UK. Other apps are focused on jobs in particular countries, like’s Android app, which gives you access to thousands of jobs in India and lets you set up email alerts for when new jobs are posted.

Once you think about applying, then one of the most challenging tasks is writing a résumé or CV (curriculum vitae), a task which can often panic novice jobhunters. Thankfully, there are a slew of apps that promise to take the pain of the process for you; one of the best is CreateCV Résumé Creator, which will help you create a CV or résumé. This app will prompt you to fill in your personal details, education and work experience and then will create a professional-looking document that you can then export as a PDF, upload to Dropbox, email, or download to your tablet. This app is therefore a great first step for those terrified by the prospect of writing a CV.

Your tablet can also help you should you get a job interview, being the perfect platform on which to take notes and research the company. For a note-taking app, look no further than Evernote, which allows you to not only make written notes but also take pictures and record voice memos, all of which can then be accessed on your phone or computer (providing you’ve downloaded Evernote on each).

With the help of these apps, your Android tablet can play an invaluable part in your job search, and you should be well on the way to finding that new job.