Perfect Ways To Play Pranks

Are you one of those crazy and enthusiastic people who love to play pranks and practical jokes on your counter parts, employees, friends, associates and loved ones? Have you heard of the coolest and unique gag gifts which are on the prowl in today’s world? Well, gag gift ideasare definitely something that has an edge over the other gifting options in today’s high octane world.

Today, there is hardly any time left with an individual to sit down in peace and have a cup of coffee with his or her friend. Gone are the days when building relationships over coffees and lunches were the primary routes taken. Today, it is all about running errands to get one’s work completed on time. This is where there is a constant need for motivation and rebuilding factors that one tries to implement in order to break the ice. Playing pranks on your office colleagues and building a healthy relationship is definitely not an arduous task. All that one needs to do is to pick up a good gag gift which suits his or her friend and play the prank. Instantly, the mundane life at office will turn in to place where there is laughter, joy and happiness. Are you also looking for such similar gag gift ideasfor your friends at office?

Electric pens that give shocks top the list of gag gifts that can be gifted to both men and women. The moment they begin writing, a sense of shock is triggered. This is obviously one of the best gift ideas that one can use on his or her teachers, employers, colleagues and even friends. Fake receipts, exploding pens, magic candles, air horns, fake pregnancy kits, mop slippers and more are some of the other gag gift ideas that can be chosen.

Does your boss get angry frequently? So you think that he or she really needs a break from the mundane world of work?

Perfect Ways To Play Pranks

Anger Management Stress Ball Set

Anger levels are catapulted by day to day official confrontations damaging the serenity of the office. These set of stress balls (available in a set of 3) are an aid to give vent to anger on things that can’t feel, while respecting the emotions of the recipient. These little squeezing balls are time-tested options to gift a loving colleague suffering from high blood pressure. While angry people are always looking for anger management tools, these balls strewn in their place will do them a great deal of good.

These are some of the prank devices that we can gift our friends. These are not too much expensive and will be a memorable one. But always beware of not hurting anyone by giving any personalized fault representing gifts.

Cat Eye Glasses – for the next door Cat Woman

Every neighborhood has a crazy cat lady. A pair of cat eyed spectacles is an apt gift for such a lady, enhancing her catty looks in addition to adding a special attention to her classic catty costume. The lady with this catty look is always on the prowl!

Wasabi Lip Balm

If your lady is fond of Wasabi you can gift her Wasabi lip balm. Every tube of Wasabi lip balm smells like the plant, but will not make your lips burn. It is an ideal gag gift if your woman is a diehard wasabi fan. It is available in as a 2.5″ lengthy tube having a net weight of .16 oz. and is Wasabi flavored.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab one of the coolest gifts or begin your quest to find the best unique gift ideas