Best 10 Tips To Get A Job In The USA


When you get a United States work visa, it can sometimes be hard to get formal employment but that should be the least of your worries if you follow these ten tips:

Identify Your Marketable Skills 

Capitalize on the skills you have that the employees may want such as reliability, being responsible, god time management, honesty and dependability. These skills are an added advantage over academic qualification.

Seek The Job That Matches Your Skills

Compare the skills you have with the skills needed for the job. Seek that job that perfectly matches your skills and experience. This way, you will easily get the job.

Dress Professionally 

When seeking for a job, you should dress professionally. Personal grooming is the first center of attraction to the employees or an interview panel. When you are neatly dressed you will have a better chance of securing the job.

Do Not Dress Excessively

Avoid excessive or suggestive appearance such as too much jewelry or inappropriate saying on your clothes. Tight skirts or short skirts can be considered suggestive and might put off the employers from even considering your skills and experience.

Best 10 Tips To Get A Job In The USA

Avoid Any Form Of Distraction During The Interview

During job interviews, your cell phone should be off because it is considered rude and inappropriate when you answer a call in the middle of an interview. Also all other causes of distraction should not be brought to the interview room including iPods, gums, cigarettes etc.

Carry Your Documents With You

When going to a job interview, make sure you have all your data with you including your certificates, email addresses, postal addresses, previous employer details, employment history, license etc. These details might be crucial to the interview and so you should not risk leaving any data behind.

Arrive In Time For Interviews

Arriving on the interview early says a lot about your ability to keep time and to work on a schedule. If you keep the panel waiting for you to arrive, they might question your seriousness about the job. If you are late for an interview you should have a concrete explanation as to why.

Maintain Eye Contact

You should not shy off when addressing your potential employer or the interview panel. Maintaining eye contact shows your boldness and ability to lead. Also if you avoid eye contact the panel can assume that you are lying to them or you are too naïve.

Be Honest

Answer every question honestly even if it will jeopardize your chances of getting the job. You would rather fail to get a job because of honesty rather than get it based on a lie because the truth cannot be hidden for long. It is much shameful when you are sacked after your lies have been exposed. It also damages your reputation.

Be In The Know

You should be well informed of the place to look for a job. You can search from the web for job positions matching your skills. You can also ask friends about job vacancies maybe in their firms or companies. When you are well informed, you will save the energy of seeking employment in firms that have no vacancies. You should also be well informed of the employment patterns of the company or firm you are seeking to work for.


The above tips will help you get formal employment easily in the United States of America.

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