Why Exercise Is Wise For Health?

Exercise is a crucial constituent of perfect health for all ages. It is recommended for children to enable them to develop into healthy adults and for the aging population as it helps in improving the health state by lowering the risks of diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and cancer.

Why should Children Exercise?

Children require physical activities for at least an hour every day given that we are living at a time and age when technology has led to invention of games where children stay seated for long. As such, obese and over-weight children has become a common phenomenon. Regular exercise for children is important as it helps them;

• Maintain a healthy weight
• Develop healthy joints, muscles and bones
• Get good sleep at night
• Gain self-confidence
• Reduce the days’ stress, and
• Increase enthusiasm in learning in school.

Excise for children is achieved by introducing physical games which involves running around and reducing the time spent watching the television and playing computer games and PlayStation.

Why Exercise Is Wise For Health?

Exercise Improves the Quality of Life

Regular exercise promotes a better life by improving the quality of sleep. As such, you sleep less but feel refreshed and energized to handle other things. Breathing becomes easy which keeps tension at bay, leaving you relaxed all day. The quality of life is also improved by cutting the health bills as exercising helps in keeping fit thus reducing many ailments associated with poor health. The quality of life is further promoted by;

• Increased peace and happiness triggered by a chemical called endorphins, which are produced during physical activity
• Alleviation of self-esteem
• Promotion of a feeling of pride and accomplishment by achieving health objectives, and
• Improvement of looks which makes one look young and rejuvenated.

Exercising is Key to Aging Well

Regular physical activity in midlife is associated with reduced health risks such as diabetes, cancer, heart problems and cognitive impairment. Exercise allows the generation of nerve-protecting compounds which helps in reduced risk of blood vessel and heart diseases, high rate of neuron survival, and improved brain functionality due to adequate flow of blood to the brain. Exercise is a key instrument in alleviating the insulin level, which leads a reduction in life threatening ailments like weight gain, diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Controlling health issues when aging by exercising is thus a more powerful tool than using medication.

Exercise Improves Health

Exercising promotes good health by promoting improved breathing and effective circulation of blood. There are several health issues which are attributed to the modern lifestyle, but can be avoided and solved by physical activity. Regular exercising therefore has more health benefits such as;

• Losing excess weight, which contributes to reduction of diseases
• Reducing chances of opportunistic ailments like stroke
• Improving muscle strength
• Preventing depression
• Improving the functionality of the cardio-respiratory system
• Prevention of stress and insomnia.

How do you Maintain Good Health

Travelling requires special care as there some diseases which are specific to their regions. However, you can still maintain a regular exercise program to maintain better health through European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which provides health solution in the provision of state treatment and medical facilities for diseases. With proper precaution and awareness of the services provided, good health becomes easy to achieve.