Where Can Your Web Design Go Wrong While Attracting The Customers?

When you think of website, you think of a destination where you will be able to get the required amount of info to meet the required purpose. However, when an owner thinks of a website, he thinks it as the property which will help him to make good amount of money. This perception gap is really responsible for the high bounce rate of the customers because in order to generate revenue from the website, the owner tries to clutter the website which heavy information and ads, which pisses the customer off.

The information available on the website is for the right for the customer, but because of that clutter it is really hard for him to get the right section of information out of the whole body of your website. As a result he opts to go for another website which will not do the same mistake. Logo Design Bristol excels in the field of providing their clients with huge amount of traffic and luckily they have revealed their secret in this article also.

They recommend that SEO implementation on the website is of utter important because that is a good way of fetching the organic traffic from Google. Moreover, it also adds to the reliability of the website when they see the website available at the top of the Search Result pages. They start following such websites, which further ads to the Domain Authority of the website.

Where Can Your Web Design Go Wrong While Attracting The Customers?

Web Designers in Bristol are pretty clear with an idea that advertisement or other form of revenue generation should never be a priority for the website. The website should always focus on providing the right kind of information at the right place and then giving a pleasant design to the website. We can take the example of Info Links, which is too stupid for the revenue generation. It makes the looks of your website so dirty that if any customer hovers the mouse cursor over the words which have been hyperlinked using info-links, then it popup an ad in front of it.

Now after seeing that who would want to stay on your website for more than few seconds. Similarly, on-click ads are again the reputation spoilers for you website. Hence try to stay away from monetizing your website in the initial stages. It will be better if you could play with many keywords or the tags around your post, it will help you to promote the website on various search engines and thus improve the PageRank.

These are all the mistakes which are usually made by website owners or designers while designing the website recommended by Web Design Bristol. Hence do let us know if you are facing lots of such issues, we will be happy to help you in such case. Drop your queries in the comments section or try to contact by visiting the home page of  Web Design Bristol.