Tips For Cleaning White Furniture With Common Household Items

Simple, clean lined modern furniture has been very popular in recent years, so it’s very common for there to be at least one piece of white furniture in most homes.  There are many furniture stores selling beautiful white furniture, from inexpensive options through to high end European retailers. Although white furniture looks terrific, it is notoriously difficult to keep it clean.  I have some great tips for keeping your white furniture clean with common household items.

Tips For Cleaning White Furniture With Common Household Items


White paint on furniture will naturally yellow over time due to exposure to sunlight and air. Toothpaste can help return it to white due to it’s bleaching effect.  Take care when using toothpaste though as it can be abrasive and may scratch or wipe off the paint if used too forcibly or in excess.  Dampen a cloth and rub some toothpaste in it, gently wipe over the surface, then dry with a soft, dry cloth.


Vinegar is great for lifting old stains.  Mix one part vinegar to one part warm water, dampen a soft cloth in the mixture and wipe surface stains of the furniture softly. If the stains don’t wipe away, leave the vinegar solution on the surface of the stain for a while, then use a clean cloth to scrub a little harder to lift the stain.  This is very useful for Blackwood furniture as well, and any other furniture stained by Ink or oil.


Boil 1400ml beer, add 147g sugar and 28g Beeswax, stir until combined evenly and wait for the mixture to cool off. Wipe wooden furniture with a soft cloth dampened in the mixture.


Stop crying over spilt milk – turns out your furniture loves it! If your milk has expired or spoiled do not throw it, you can still use it to clean your white furniture. Dip a soft cloth in the milk, then wipe your white furniture, it has a great decontamination effect. Don’t forget to wipe it with clear water again to make sure there is no milk left on your furniture.


If your tea has left a hot ring mark on your furniture you can lemon to reverse it.  Use a slice of lemon or a cloth with lemon juice squeezed onto it to wipe over the stain.  Then wipe it with warm water, to remove any lemon residue and dry.

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