5 Ways To Save Your Travel Memories

raveling is about the joy of discovering. It is about learning and absorbing experiences from different parts of our planet. That leads us to a better understanding of others and ourselves. When traveling, people like to document things they see and experience, capture great moments, and share them with your close ones. There are various great ways for you to document precious. One of them most certainly suits you. Or perhaps more than one? Here are five great ways to save your travel memories.

5 Ways To Save Your Travel Memories

1. Brain Storage

Must we remind you of the first storage device you ever got? That is where is all begins and ends. Your brain subconsciously chooses things that end up as your memories, and then chooses again, but this time consciously. It extracts the memories you wish to share. But the only problem that one perhaps lacks the skill, the communication tools, or the possibility to make others feel the same emotion of joy that you are trying to share with them. That is why people started documenting (verbally and visually), so it can support their attempt to transfer the emotion. Today, there are tons of ways to document memories. Thus, you rely on your brain to make a decision on how to save those memories, instead of it memorizing everything.

2. Writing It Down

With a notebook and a pen by your side, you can always write about things as they happen. It is like keeping a personal travel journal, where you can write about places you visited, with names and locations in it, dates of interesting days, new contact information, where the best food was, where you went and what means of transportations you used. Besides the very facts, you can also record your subjective impressions. What the air smelled like, how it felt to bathe in the sea on a particular day, or what did the local architecture look like? By connecting those moments with a certain subjective feeling, it can be easier to remember and relate to that moment in the past.

3. Shooting Photos & Videos

What can describe a moment better than a vivid photograph of it? It can transport you back in time in an instant. Be creative, and take pictures of cityscapes, local streets, and monuments. Record videos of interesting events like a local street art performance or a carnival. If you plan to spend an active holiday by going skydiving, parachuting, snorkeling, skiing, or bungee jumping, you should carry a smaller, compact camera with all the all the go pro accessories. That way, you can record your airplane jump or underwater exploration.

4. Social Media Sharing

Social media platforms are, besides communication, also mostly used for sharing photos and videos. They have given us an enormous sharing possibilities. You can share any digital recording you like in a matter of seconds after you record them. When you publish it and it gets online, there is no risk of losing the media. You both share and save! Social media also offers the possibility of finding people that share your own interests, like various pages and groups, and share with those who will admire it the way you do.

5. Publish A Blog

They are simply called – travel blogs. Another great solution – it is digital (no limits in collecting), it saves, and it shares everything you wish to be shared. If you are good with words, more people can start following your blog online, and read about your experiences. Starting a blog is not difficult, just a bit of your time for customizing it and grabbing a domain. You can use a prepared blog design template, and launch it in a matter of hours.