Holidaying With A Wig

Wearing a wig is about regaining a sense of confidence. It’s the freedom to look and feel natural when out and about. You’ll want to take the utmost care of your hairpiece, wherever you go.

 Holidays are about fun and relaxation,but for those suffering from hair loss, planning a holiday can be very stressful. You might be asking yourself questions like; ‘how will I wash my wig?’ ‘Is the beach bad for wigs?’

A good wig can be delicate and takes a good amount of looking after, while on holiday this can be tricky.Depending on the type of trip you’re planning there are certain hazards that can harm a wig. If you are worried about exposing your wig to destructive elements,here are some tips to keep your wig looking splashing, on the beach, in the sun and even in the water.

Holidaying With A Wig

Which Wig?

There are two types of wigs, both have advantages depending on what you require. The most exclusive wigs are made of human hair and can cost a premium but last longer when well looked after. These wigs also look natural, and combined with a lace front will have even a stylist fooled. The other type of wig is made of synthetic hair strands. These wigs are on the cheaper end of the wig scale, and are less customizable. That said – wig tech has come a long way and some look incredibly natural and the sheer variety gives you a lot of freedom to choose a style. With a lower price tag you might even afford to splash out on a couple of styles. Another benefit of synthetic hair wigs is that they are less fragile.

Recommendation: synthetic wigs are the best holiday option as they are better at handling a beating and will set you back less if they have to be replaced.

Beach Holidays

Beach holidays are cool, relaxing wig killers.Sand can be hard to wash out of the wig weft. Sun can decolour a wig. Water can tangle wig hairs. Sweat can also cause nasty decolouration. This makes that holiday in palm lined paradise sound like a nightmare. But fear not. There’s an alternative. Wig caps can offer protection from the sun and some are designed to go in the water. Alternatively a beautiful headscarf can let you be the classiest lady at the beach while some wig caps and hats come with attachable hair, fooling the average vacationer.

Recommendation: look for a flexible wig cap, some are even made of milk strands for maximum comfort.

Wigs are designed to give you confidence, so you can rest assured there will be options for you to enjoy a fabulous holiday.