Top Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Top celebrities look perfect every time we see them on a premier or an event. They have expensive gowns, beautiful jewelry and their make up is always impeccable. Many of them decide to make their own websites where they can share their knowledge about skin care, make up, training and healthy nutrition. Others went one step beyond and made special cosmetic lines with their name on it. If you admire their lifestyle style and want to bring some of it into your every day routines, there are some tips you can find helpful.

Top Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Drink Water

We need water not only to survive, but to look fresh and young. Skin contains plenty of water, but if it gets dehydrated it becomes dry and wrinkly. Water helps us take out numerous toxins that pile up in our skin and provides muscles with much needed electrolytes. The best thing is to drink at least ten glasses a day so that your skin could remain young as long as possible.

Body Care

Doing regular exercise is a well known secret in Hollywood. All celebrities have their personal trainers and do kickboxing, pilates and yoga to remain fit. Special food regime filled with super foods and nutritious ingredients ensures that your body is perfectly in balance and ready to take in intensive work out.

Face Care

Washing your every morning and every night with organic body wash is beneficial if you want your skin to be shiny and healthy. After washing, tone your face with micellar water and apply your cream. There are millions different products on the market and it becomes more difficult to find exactly what you need. Organic and natural creams are a good investment since they nurture your skin with natural ingredients. On the other hand, if you want a good and affordable face cream, try those with vitamin E and antioxidants.

Top Celebrity Beauty Secrets


Your eyes are very important when it is up to make up. Everyone sees them and they reveal more than they hide. All celebrities know that with a good eye cream that nurtures that thin and sensitive skin around eyelids you will look much younger.

The Right Pallete

We have to be careful about what we put on our face every morning. It is important to use high quality products on your skin, especially those applied every single day like mascara and eye shadow. Organic eye makeup will ensure that your eyes look natural since their color comes from fruit pigments and the texture is very light. Using it in small amounts, only to enhance your natural beauty, is what makes celebrities look so elegant and tasteful.

Natural Look

If you minimize face makeup reducing it to few basic elements, you will see a drastic change on your face. Using natural tones of powder, light bronzer and organic eye shadow, your look will come together. It is not recommendable to use shimmer or powders that are not in tone with your skin since it will look artificial. The aim has always been the most natural look for the day, but for night out you can add some color on your lips.

After all, everything is always about balance. Balancing your workouts with food will make you feel much better. And then when you add natural make up, it becomes impossible for people around you not to see the real beauty.