Why Coconut Oil For Weight Loss Is Far Better Than Olive Oil?

A key to successful and long lasting fat loss is making steady blood sugar to avoid any severe ups and downs and do not cause you to decline and create a shortcut for junk food passageway at supermarkets or big bag of chips inside your pantry.

Coconut Oil is for fat loss is perfect fat option, because of the excess of healthy MCT or medium chain saturated fatty acids that boost your metabolism for instant energy. As a plus, MCTs in coconut oil do not result as a stored body fat like those longer chain fatty acids does.

Nations that consume more coconut and coconut oil in their daily meals like India, Philippines, and Pacific Islands have considerably fewer cases of obesity and heart disease clearly disagreeing any agenda obsessed spread campaign against this amazingly healthy oil!

Why Coconut Oil For Weight Loss Is Far Better Than Olive Oil?

For Weight Destroyer, Coconut Oil is Far Better than the Olive Oil,

Olive oil particularly should be avoided or limited by those who want to lose weight!

John Barban author of  Venus Factor Diet said, although surprising to most individuals because olive oil is usually the primary “healthy oil” that people believe due to great promotion of this Mediterranean oil by conventional nutritionists and doctors.

A study published in 19994 in The Lancet stated that fatty acid mostly found in body fat was a monounsaturated fat similarly found in olive oil! Is this the Reason why people in Mediterranean regions usually gain weight at middle age?

Coconut oil is far better than olive oil and other largely monounsaturated fats sources like peanut oil.

Using Coconut Oil For Successful Weight Loss

Coconut oil naturally become solid at 76 degree F therefore it is best to liquefy it in hot water before you consume.
20 minutes prior to meal is best to take coconut oil because it will considerably reduce your appetite and make you feel fuller quickly and satisfied by smaller portions.

In order to liquefy it, mix 1 to 2 Table spoon in a mug with hot water or herbal tea.  Mix it to melt and then drink. Following guidelines will help you determine the quantity of coconut oil to consume;

  • 90-130 pounds, use 1 table spoon before every meal or a 3 table spoon per day.
  • 131-180 pounds, use 1.5 table spoon before every meal or a 4.5 table spoon per day.
  • Over 180 pounds use 2 table spoon before every meal or a 6 table spoon per day.