Why Smartphone Users Need Privacy Protection Software

Privacy on mobile phones is of paramount importance. There are a number of ways through which you can ensure privacy of documents, images, videos, and music on your smartphone. The first is using the factory password protection system on the devices. However, most of these systems do not provide the option of locking each third party application installed on the phone.

Therefore, it is recommended to have an application such as the LEO Privacy Guard that adds an extra security layer to each of the third party installed applications, especially considering that applications are the most common methods of modern communication, from calling, chatting, sharing content on social media, watching and downloading videos, posting and downloading photos, making financial transactions, and accessing the Internet.

Any person who gains access to your phone can quickly open any application of choice and read your personal data or information, then use it as desired. This can have repercussions to you such as being charged for crimes committed by the person who used your personal information and data – for instance through impersonation. A person, by gaining access to the historical data on some of your phone applications, can also gain an insight about your day to day life which may compromise among other things your security.

Some applications in the market such as the LEO Privacy Guard allows for locking any application you may regard as sensitive. The most common applications you can lock include  messaging applications, video apps, photo organization apps, calling apps, Facebook apps, Twitter apps, Instagram and WhatsApp apps among others. Of most importance would be those that store your passwords. By safeguarding private information, you protect friends, loved ones and family from intruders.

With LEO Privacy Guard from Leomaster, you do not have to hide your smartphone from your friends, spouse or partners. You can give them the phone knowing that your data and information is safe. Some people snatch your phone unexpectedly, and installing this application makes you feel secure under such circumstances knowing that your sensitive information will not be compromised.

Different intuitive privacy features

The Leomaster safeguard application comes with a number of privacy features. You have the Error, Fingerprint, Unknown Caller and Beauty cover privacy features at your disposal. The four provide different intuitive ways of unlocking the smartphone. With Error feature, an error-like pop-up feature appears and you have to swipe it to unlock the app. Fingerprint feature allows you to unlock the app by tapping on your fingerprint three times. Beauty cover feature shows a lady and you have to unlock the zip to unlock the application. In Unknown Caller, Leomaster Privacy Guard shows imitation of an incoming call from an unknown number when the application is opened.

LEO Mobile Guard also helps you manage battery usage

LEO Privacy Guard also helps to boost the performance of your smartphone. For instance, it helps you save on battery and data usage. You can also identify applications that consume a lot of storage space and delete them, while backing up the most important ones.