3 Wonderful Destinations In India To Celebrate Christmas

Christmas, an eagerly awaited festival, identifying with the merry feeling of happiness and togetherness, has a definite charm. People celebrate Christmas in lots of ways; for some it is the time to show off their cooking skills as it is generally marked by reunions and gatherings of the close ones. Indeed, having the whole family and the close ones come together at home and throwing a healthy lunch or dinner and spending the festive time, sharing the happiness with family is a great way to spend the Christmas eve. However, the other way to celebrate the festival that is also rapidly gaining popularity is to use the opportunity to treat yourself, whether by shopping, having a family dinner at an exquisite restaurant, or travelling. If you are amongst the individuals who fall in the last category, you are in for a treat because there is a large pool of wonderful destinations around the country where Christmas celebration is nothing less than an extravaganza. Plus, travelling in Christmas holiday season always has the advantages of the lucrative and all inclusive holiday packages and deals are offered. Given below are some ideal destinations that you should take a look at if you are looking for the best places to visit in Christmas.


Despite the often chaotic and bustling streets and markets, there is a certain allure about Mumbai that makes it an ideal destination for Yuletide travelers. While, some say that it could be the old and pious churches, there are others, who say it is the traditional way the Mumbaikars celebrate the festival, which is quite interesting to see and take part. Make sure that you visit Church Gate, Hill Road, and Bandra; these are the popular places to visit in Mumbai during Christmas.

3 Wonderful Destinations In India To Celebrate Christmas


What’s the better way to spend the Christmas eve than to spend it in the God’s own land, that is Kerala. One of the most loved tourist destination, the state is full of interesting wonders and tourist attractions that will entice you into visiting it at least once in the lifetime. It is home to a large number of Christians, plus, there are numerous old and new churches dotting the parts of the state. Explore and experience the old rituals and traditions that are followed during the Christmas, lose yourself in the symphonic carols, and have a merry Christmas with the locals.


Although, largely recognized as the beach capital of India, Goa also makes an ideal destination to visit at Christmas. Goa has a bewitching mood of festivity that remains here throughout the year. However, it is during the Christmas season that the place is in bliss. A majority of the state’s population is Christians and it is perfectly apt to state that no one celebrates the festival like the people in Goa do. Visit the old Catholic churches, take part in the prayers, get God’s blessings, and then have a feast of the sumptuous and ethnic Goan cuisines. An interesting idea would be to spend the eve with the locals in their small decorated home. Take one of the Mumbai to Goa flights, or flight from any major city in India, there are frequent flights to the place from all major Indian cities, and lose yourself in the pious milieu of spiritual festivity.