Web Agency: How Long To Create A Website

How long does it take to create a website? This question we often hear, and we often hear everything and anything about it. So I do not see myself as that which would have absolute legitimacy to answer this question. I’ll just answer the question “What is the duration of creating a website”, taking the example of our web agency and trying to make a point about all the silly things that you can hear and read on Internet and elsewhere. Web agencies and freelancers often try to justify their high prices in the past time creating the website and we’ll see if the proof is correct or not.

Web Agency: How Long To Create A Website

The Design Concept

I often read on sites of “experts” that design went last and that first had to install the different modules of the site, create content, etc. This is false, the design is absolutely critical to the extent that the design is linked to website usability. To make a design, it takes between 5 hours to a fairly simple web design, and 20 hours for a design. As a general rule we spend an average of eight hours a day on the sites of our customers design, and we think this is a good average.

The Establishment of Modules

On some CMS (content management software) the module installation is very long and sometimes complex. With our software is very simple and takes about ten minutes per module! It is also for this reason that with us you do not pay more if you want to install a blog or a calendar on your site. There are only two modules that are longer to install: the online store and online booking is why we are obliged to charge you extra for these modules.

The Regular Updating of the Site

As you know, a site must be alive at the design level, it must change every year to not to bore regular visitors. And then there are always small changes to make it as a phone number that would have changed a photo to edit or replace, to add a paragraph in a text. Basically this task is estimated to five hours per month. Some agencies charge each change, often very expensive. TheLogoNow offers a monthly plan for Professional Web Design Services, where customers can ask unlimited modifications.

Writing and SEO web pages

When we write for our customers, we take care of writing by writing pages 400 words in general for optimal SEO. But we also take care of SEO pages by filling Meta tags carefully. Our goal is that you can reach your target with a well-made page on the bottom, on the form and on Search Engine Optimization. So, a web page takes us about 3 hours because we want to offer the best possible content.