Home Entertainment or Outdoor Advertising?

Many people use projectors for advertising and home cinemas; however they need to protect the hardware from the extreme weather, the only solution is a projector enclosure.

Technology changes as we all know

Some 2 years ago, TV’s in the backyard were all the rage, now these are seen in almost every backyard and garden, why? Because people wanted to appreciate the time with their family and friends, now 2 years on, the price of high end projectors has fallen and puts them in the reach of most households. Now the restriction of screen size has been lifted and no longer will you have to group around the small TV screen to see your favourite programs or film.

Home Entertainment or Outdoor Advertising?

Home Entertainment use for Projectors

As you can imagine, in the backyard while you are chilling out in your hot tub, you can watch your favourite movie with your loved ones around you.

You can through a BBQ party, watching your favourite football game and discussing how your team was so successful after analysing their tactics.

Outdoor Advertising using Projectors

Now this is a new concept and the business owners utilising this tactic are coining the money in! They use a projector to display future events at the bar on the side of the building from within the car lot, so passing traffic can see the ad and stop by to pre pay a ticket for the event. This is a win-win for the bar owner as rarely do they have any competition, as other bar owners think it’s too expensive when it really is not!

Home Entertainment or Outdoor Advertising?

So what’s needed for either of these Solutions?

A projector of course and depending on the application and amount to invest will depend on your budget. The next thing required for outdoor projectors is to protect your investment by putting the projector into a weatherproof housing.

These projector enclosures are used throughout the world to protect the hardware in extreme conditions, these work well in temperatures as low as -40F and as high as 140F!  The weatherproof projector enclosure is fitted with high security locks and provides both IP65 and NEMA 4X protection, the projector is mounted on an internal shelf whilst the media player can be mounted below.

The viewing window is virtually unbreakable and is ¼” thick and has the best optical properties for projector use. The weatherproof housing can be ceiling mounted or wall mounted depending on the application.

The ProEnc solution is a set and forget solution, the only maintenance needed is to wash the filters out and let them dry naturally – nothing difficult there then!

Designed to be in hostile areas, these units have over 23 years of manufacturing experience creating the most cost effective and effective protective solution for a projector outdoors. If you want to deploy a projector outdoors for either advertising or at home, you need to be checking out weatherproof projector enclosures from ProEnc.