Spanx You Very Much

Girls of all sizes and shapes know that sometimes, getting yourself into that perfect dress you’d bought is the hardest thing ever! Or that pencil skirt you’d like to fit like a glove, yet it’s looking all bumpy and… plain weird. Luckily, there are people who had thought of our comfort and style and come up with undergarments that make all the difference for our shape, posture and – most importantly – our confidence!

Spanx You Very Much

Undergarments used to be unbelievably popular in the Victorian era, although their construction was way different to the one we’ve got today. The corsets did give an extra feminine, seductive hourglass shape to women who didn’t even have that built, but their usage was everything but comfortable or uplifting. They were health – threating as the corsets used to limit one’s ability to breathe properly, they had an ill effect on bowl function and used to damage spine long-term.

From a feminist stand point, these corsets weren’t there for fashion reasons only; they were a sort of limitation for woman’s individuality and expression of style and dynamic. Also, a woman’s life in the garment of the time couldn’t be as vibrant as she may have wanted it given that the corsets were worn so tight that even walking was restrained. Feminist studies and various women movements often touch upon the topic of Victorian women and the “corset fashion” finding it absolutely humiliating for a woman as a social being and her individual role in the society, as well as limiting for her spirit and freedom of expression.

Spanx You Very MuchSuch attitude lead to centuries long animosity for anything that resembles body constraint or support. That’s how the Jazz Age flourished with such popularity – it promoted getting rid of anything that may tighten the body and dressing for fashionable comfort. Just ask Coco Chanel, she’ll explain it best.

However, recent years have brought huge interest in undergarments as women of today are free and independent, have a strong voice and make choices about virtually anything and everything, hence – wearing an undergarment is not an imposed necessity but rather her choice.

Naturally, the undergarments of today are nothing like Victorian ones. Spanx are now made of the finest, stretchy materials that don’t have any health repercussions, they are absolutely harmless and are there just to enhance your already gorgeous body.

We all have cellulite, there is no secret in that. We may have a few pounds extra, too. And sometimes, these are too visible for us to enjoy them. That’s why, having the right type of spanx will smooth out every little irregularity we don’t like, turning it into a seductive curve. Obviously, no undergarment is a magic stick that will turn any of us from Ursula (Little Mermaid) to a Victoria Secret model but it will definitely help those hips pop and enhance all the rounds in all the right places (hint – buttocks and breasts).

Celebrities are huge on wearing undergarments as their public lives are so demanding that the pressure of constantly looking good is ever present. Some celebs have admittedly reported they are sometimes wearing double spanx (i.e. Gwyneth Paltrow) or that they never leave the house without their spanx on (i.e. Kim Kardashian), so why wouldn’t you as well enjoy the wonderful luxury of having your own piece of the best-fitting bodysuit? With designers like Leonisa, finding the finest undergarment that fantastically fits your body size and type is easier than ever – a size chart is available at any point and even if you get the size wrong, you can return it and get a new one. Amazing!

Spanx You Very Much
Experts advise not getting a size smaller bodyshaper as it will only role down. Also, to look good, target the body part you want to “hide” and opt for the spanx that best does it (i.e. smoothing out your thigh cellulite, flattening out your tummy, etc). With all that’s said, it’s obvious that all we need in life is a good pair of spanx! Sure, not ALL we need, but definitely something that will make our lives easier!