5 Ways To Get Off College Wait Lists

A lot of colleges only have so much room in their ranks. This is why the college market can be so competitive. Sure, you could start prepping earlier and get on the wait list before you exit high school, but many people go a different route when it comes to applying for college. Moreover, many colleges are full for years to come. On average, a popular school may get thirty to forty thousand applications a year, and only eight thousand or so will be accepted. After that, hopefuls are given the chance of getting on the waitlist. Even then, there is a small chance of getting in. This is why it can help to have some tips and tricks for getting off the waitlist. Here are five ways to get off college wait lists.

5 Ways to Get Off College Wait Lists

1. Boost Your Credits Somewhere Else

A lot of colleges put students on a wait list because the student doesn’t have quite enough credits. If that is the case, you may want to apply to a junior college or an online college. Some universities have an online department that you can enroll in while you wait. For instance, you could take Villanova’s LLM tax online program. With enough credits and proof of a high GPA, you may get off the wait list.

2. Write a Letter of Repeal

Of course, your other option is to write a letter of repeal. If you get on the wait list, you want to immediately write the admissions department. Your letter shouldn’t sound desperate or pleading, but it should be ambitious. You should talk about why you are right for the college, and you want to talk about why the college is right for you.

3. Meet with the Admission’s Department

If a letter doesn’t work, you may actually want to meet with the admissions department. If you are not in the same city, you can complete the meeting over the phone. Just getting friendly with the admissions department can increase your chances of getting off that wait list. Of course, the admissions department can’t have a personal preference, but it can put you further into their radar, which will increase your chances of making it past the acceptance round when they decide who to take off the wait list.

4. Get Reference Letters

On top of writing your own letter, you may want to get one of your teachers to write a letter. If you have a particular talent in a certain subject, a teacher may be incredibly excited to extol your brilliance. One of these letters can go a really long way when it comes to encouraging a college to take you off the wait list.

5. Be Persistent

On top of everything, you want to be persistent. If you haven’t heard from the college in a while, you may want to call or send an email to check in. It is perfectly fine to check on the status of your position. In the end, a college won’t forget about you if you are on the wait list, but it can help you in keeping your stress levels in check.

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