6 Important Tips On Formatting A Resume

DescriptionHaving a good idea about the best and the most useful tips on getting the right format for a resume is always very important for the candidates who want to increase their chances of being called for job interviews.

Text: If you have recently come across a print advertisement then ponder on the points that you liked about the advertisement. There are full chances that while the main content of the advertisement was extremely important, even the design of the advertisement played an important role in attracting you to it. It is always important to think of a resume like a perfect advertisement created for the job recruiters. Coming up with an outstanding resume which carries perfect content and design is always very important and at the same time the format of the resume also has an important role to play. To the recruiters, your resume speaks volumes on how you collected your thoughts and organized all your ideas. Therefore, it is necessary for you to ensure that your resume can be read very easily and at the same time it is easy to understand and digest. This actually means making the choice of right sizing for the headers, selecting right fonts, italicizing and blooding effectively and various other points.

Making the perfect resume requires more than grammar and error-filling. You must always frame your resume and format it perfectly for presenting yourself in the best way possible in front of your potential recruiters. This is a procedure that requires the perfect combination of marketing, composition and creativity. A perfectly framed resume guide including some of the most important resume formatting tips will be always be able to help you out. It serves in the form of a comprehensive resource for the ones looking to get the perfect formats for their resumes. At www.zillion-resumes.comyou can easily find expert advice, writing tips and sample resumes covering different formats for different types of resumes only for the convenience of the visitors. Resume are considered the calling cards that job seekers use and there are a number of thought schools on formatting this important document. Some of the most useful resume formatting tipsthat can be of good help in creating resumes from scratch are as follows:

The Importance of the White Space

Resumes generally have half inch margins but it is always best to go for full inch margins. In case the margins on the resume are small, you might risk losing important content if your resume in printed by the recruiters. In addition to this, resumes that lack one inch margins are difficult for the readers to go through properly and they might also appear chaotic and cluttered. These two features are never sought after by the employers.

Try to Avoid Leaving Empty Fields

If you are thinking of using a template, make sure that all the fields are properly completed detailing personal information. Try looking for a number of resume formats and then try combining different styles as per your experience level, abilities, skills and knowledge.

Make Use of Spell Check and Get the Resume Edited by Someone

The spell check tool is always very useful but it does not catch all the typographical and grammatical errors. Therefore, it is very important for you to get someone in person to edit and go through your resume. You must ask for the feedback of the person that you choose regarding the style, content and the readability of your resume.

Do not Insert Unnecessary Information

Always make sure that your resume is concise and clear. Your resume should not have a section called Technical Skills because almost all the individuals in this modern corporate world have a clear understanding of operating e-mails and Microsoft Office programs. However, if you have some skills that set you completely apart from the other in competition, then you can always point them on your resume. The resume should also not have the reference section because if the employers need reference, they will directly ask it from you.

Style of the Resume should be Consistent

Keep the font and the font sizes same throughout the resume. It is also important for you to consider the use of similar headings on all the pages of the resume if it is more than one page. Taking this precaution helps in situations when the pages come apart.

Determine the Right Page Length

Determining the right page length for the resume is also very important. Always try putting the most important information right at the top of your resume page.


The above mentioned tips on formatting a resume will always help you in creating the best resume that can go a long way in impressing your potential employers.