A Trip Around The Museums Of Chicago

Who doesn’t like a nice sightseeing tour? We sure do and we want to help you enjoy one as well. But Chicago is not a small city and if you want to go with friends around it, you will need some kind of transport. But don’t worry, our little guide here includes everything to make your trip enjoyable and fun, with some awesome places to visit and you may even take some scenic routes if you like.

A Trip Around The Museums Of Chicago

To start, we will mention the need to get yourself a Chicago limo service, because this will help you solve one problem – the transport one. It isn’t expensive if you have a group of people and it is way more convenient than public transport and even personal transport, because the professional drivers know the attraction, they know interesting boulevards and squares and may take you on a fun ride around the city, so that you can enjoy the entire trip and not just the visiting of museums.

Now, surely, we cannot include every museum in Chicago, and to be fair new ones constantly pop up and close down, because they cannot find the proper audience. But we have some time for the big ones and the most interesting, which are well worth going there.

Let’s start with the Field Museum of National History. Here you can enjoy some dinosaur fossils, even some dinosaur skeletons (like the world’s largest T-Rex), many other showcased animals and much more stuff related to our anthropological and biological history. Now, we can go into much more detail about this museum, but actually its beauty hides in the fact that you don’t know what you’ll see – and let me tell you, there are some very surprising exhibits.

Moving to the next museum in line – the Museum of Science and Industry. By far this is probably the most exciting museum for many people out there. If you enjoy gadgets and technology, you will surely enjoy visiting it. And you know how other places forbid you to touch the exhibits? Well, here you will be encouraged to interact with many of them. And it is also a wonderful place to revisit, because some exhibits are there temporarily and others come to take their place.

Our next place on the list is the Oriental Institute Museum. You may not be a history geek, and there is the possibility that you quite dislike the Middle East, but this museum harbors some of the most interesting pieces of history you will ever see. You can familiarize yourself with Egyptian gods and mythology, their art and many other historical things about the Middle East.

And to finish the list off we have the Art Institute of Chicago. Now, many people think that art is too pretentious nowadays, but this museum is something different. Here you can see paintings, photography, even architectural designs and drawings. It has quite interesting things to see, and is much more about the fun nature of art, rather than the pompous one.

With these ideas you can now go and have a fun trip around Chicago.

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