What Kind Of Insurance Do Landscaping And Lawn Care Businesses Really Need?

Every business needs insurance. Landscaping and lawn care businesses face a multitude of challenges and risky situations almost every day. Not having insurance exposes the owners of the company to liabilities that can easily result in the loss of the business itself, the equipment and vehicles, and make to owners of it personally liable. 


Among the general risks a business can face are fire, theft, accidents, natural disasters, negligence of employees, and injury to employees, to name a few. 

Businesses cover these risks by simply taking out a general business liability policy. Commercial liability insurance covers the assets of a company, such as property, vehicles, equipment, and tools. It also protects claims for damages for personal injuries to clients and even company employees. 

That might do for some businesses, but landscaping and lawn care companies are open to risks that stem from the use of hazardous equipment and chemicals and from the daily presence on the property of customers. 

Complex insurance needs ask for specialty insurance firms familiar with landscaping. Bolt Insurance Agency specializes, among others, in Landscapers Insurance and lawn care insurance in all 50 states of the Union. 

If you run a business listed below, you need to talk to an experienced agent about your insurance needs.

  • Landscapers

  • Lawn care companies

  • Arborists

  • Tree trimmers

  • Landscaping specialist

  • Landscaping architect.  

Professionals and companies on the above list need at least some of the following insurance coverages. It is a must if you want your business to stay active and grow successfully. Not having at least some of these coverages is a must, not an option. 

  • A bond to get the contractor’s license

  • General liability insurance

  • Workers compensation

  • Commercial auto insurance

  • Equipment insurance

  • Inland Marine Insurance coverage

  • Umbrella policy. 

Landscapers Insurance should also include some of these specialty coverages, if applicable:

  • Landscapers truck insurance

  • Dump truck insurance

  • Trailer insurance

  • Landscapers special commercial auto insurance (all year)

  • Insurance for pesticide and herbicide applicators

  • Pet insurance

  • Snow removal (if applicable)

  • Voluntary medical and property damage insurance.

Some of the specialty Landscapers Insurance listed above is included in the more general coverages for contractors but extends the coverages for specific occurrences. Any business that is interested in adding one of these specialty policies should consult with an experienced insurance agent first.

Voluntary medical and property damage insurance, for example, is a valuable addition to an insurance package. It covers medical expenses for up to one year after an accident while voluntary property damage insurance covers damages done by a child under 12 to customer property, intentionally or not, and unintentional damage to the property of a third-party.

Deductibles do not apply to this type of insurance and your company need not be legally liable.

Since limits and terms are very specific, it is necessary to discuss these policies with an insurance agent.