How To Buy A Used Porsche Cayenne

There is no secret that Porsche Cayenne is one of the most desired vehicles all over the world. Only the name of this car already gives you the feeling of luxury and comfort. However, we also know well that the price for this car can be sharp and high. So what can you do? Get a used car and enjoy your luxury! Today getting such a high-class vehicle became affordable! Tempted? Read on the article for some tips.

How To Buy A Used Porsche Cayenne

General Info: In 2002 the company launched a new vehicle with the Turbo and 4.5 V8 S variants, both of them had the Tiptronic six-speed auto as standard (same feature is common in Mercedes Benz vehicles). Nevertheless, the first ever Porsche Cayenne was revealed to the world in late 2003. It also had a six-speed manual gearbox and 247bhp and 228lb ft as standard.

Price Range: Today you can easily find an early 2002 Porsche with 4.5-litre V8 from just around $10k, while a 3.2-litre V6 model will be around $14,5k. Same price range is for Mercedes cars. Check the prices at with a variety of Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Toyota and other vehicles. If you do not do masses of miles, then you can easily be tempted into an early Porsche for the same money. However, if you want a newer model with smaller run then you can save up a little more to secure a good one. In order to find the best match between the price and the quality of a vehicle you need to pay attention to every detail. So we offer you an extensive Porsche Cayenne buying guide below.

What to look out for…

Engine wear: Remember that the entry-level for Porsche Cayenne (as well as Mercedes Benz) with 3.2-litre engine does feel a little underpowered, however experts say that it is more reliable than the 4.5-litre V8 make. Mostly it is true because the latter can suffer from bore-scoring and sooner or later requires block replacement.

Rear screen: Frequently this part of a Porsche Cayenne suffers over the time and breaks. In order to check working capacity of rear screen you need to turn the radio on. In case of any problems the rear screen will turn off, which means that you will need a replacement.

Tires: As a rule, Porsche Cayenne can run on the same tires for around 20,000-25,000km with normal use (for Mercedes Benz cars this number is higher). Make sure that tires look nice and are not worn out.

Key options: In terms of extra features different makes of Porsche Cayenne may vary a lot, so make a list of your wishes and look for the right car.

Brakes: Any Porsche Cayenne weighs around two tones (same for Mercedes), which means that the pressure on discs and pads will be relatively hard. So it is logical that the super-fast Turbo Porsche will have even more appreciation for stoppers. In case looking for a Turbo Porsche Cayenne make sure to ask the seller about the date when the brakes were swapped.

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