How To Use Technology To Adopt A High Roller Lifestyle?

Technology, especially mobile, has a huge impact on our way of life already. Those born in the 1970s have seen phones lose their wires first, learn how to send short text messages, then turn into multi-functional devices that play music, run games, and take photos – all this culminating in today’s smartphones, that are in fact pocket-sized computers with a myriad of functions, also capable of voice calls and texts. But you can use these devices to change your way of life beyond simply staying in touch with others on the go. For example, to live the high life in the virtual world – and beyond.

How To Use Technology To Adopt A High Roller Lifestyle?

Becoming a High Roller Online

To become a high roller in Vegas, all you need to do is spend a lot – and you’ll get extra benefits in return. When you go online, though, things are a bit different – and so are the benefits.

The Wild Jack Online Casino measures its players’ performance and loyalty through its Rewards Program. Basically, all Wild Jack Casino players get points for every cent they play through at the casino. Players are ranked depending on the amount of the Rewards Points they generate in a calendar month. For 2,000 points they get the Gold rank, for 8,000, Platinum, and for 50,000 points a month – which means true high rollers – they get the Diamond rank. The Wild Jack’s VIP program is invitation-only. Visit the Wild Jack Casino at

Benefits beyond the Virtual World

A Gold ranked VIP at the Wild Jack Casino will have all issues handled by a dedicated VIP support team, get a personal account manager, get luxury gifts to celebrate milestones and special occasions, and invitations to exclusive promotional events. Platinum VIPs will get the same benefits, plus higher limits on their deposits and withdrawals. But for the benefits to really step outside the virtual world, a Diamond rank is needed.

Diamond VIPs at the Wild Jack Casino get what’s best of the two worlds. Aside from all the benefits listed above, they will be able to redeem their loyalty points for cash. And, at a level of 50,000 points each month, this can be more than just loose change behind the sofa. But the best of the benefits is that Diamond VIPs are invited to real life events and customized vacations, to enjoy their high roller lifestyle beyond the virtual walls of the casino.

This April, for example, Canadian VIPs at the Wild Jack Casino were invited to an exclusive trip to the Niagara Falls, complete with luxurious accommodation, fun trips, gourmet dining, and real life casino action at the Fallsview Casino. All expenses paid by the Wild Jack Casino, of course.

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