Don’t Blame The Desk: Tips To Stay Healthy At Work

Are you having back pain at work? Do you think that sitting all day at a desk and doing office work is making you an unhealthy person? Have you noticed a change in your posture or a fall in your energy level? Office jobs can be really tiring when you have to stay put at your desk all day long until you get off from work. Whether you are answering phone calls, typing up letters, or filling out forms, sitting at a desk can really bring you down because the human body has been specifically created to stay in motion.

You may be thinking, “what can I do to stay healthy and active at work when I have a desk job for 8 to 9 hours a day?’

There are numerous custom designed desks that one can purchase in order to make their stay at work more comfortable. Research shows that people who have desk jobs should move around for at least five minutes after every hour to get their blood circulating. Those people who sit all day have a higher chance of developing heart disease than those who move around.

Don't Blame The Desk: Tips To Stay Healthy At Work

One step that you can take is to ask your boss to purchase a height adjustable desk for you. You can then alternate your body in standing or sitting positions. These desks are easily adaptable for people of all ages. With this type of desk, you can change your position to your convenience and best of all you will be able to utilize your neutral position, when the body is at the most efficient posture for work. Height adjustable desks are used by numerous companies because they want to get the most productivity out of their workers, especially if they have a great number of people working at desks. Your health is an important factor and you can always share your concerns with the company if you think that the working environment is highly uncomfortable for you.

Another great option to assist in reducing back pain is using sit stand desk. This will tremendously increase your productivity because you flex yourself without actually having to leave your work station. These adjustable desks make sure that they reduce the overall discomfort workers feel and are made to reduce employee injuries. When you have a work station that is ergonomically created, you will find yourself feeling less stress from the workload presented before you. If you want to work smarter, increase work productivity, reduce muscle tension and fatigue, then a sit stand desk will definitely add to your body motion at work.

Don't Blame The Desk: Tips To Stay Healthy At Work

Discomfort at work can be overwhelming, but just remember that you can incorporate new items into your work routine like a new desk to make your life easier. Take a step to make your work environment a healthy and enjoyable one. Small steps can decrease your chances of obtaining obesity, cancer, or heart disease because your health is your ultimate wealth.

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