Most of us have probably had some equipment bought from the store, which very likely had a user manual. It is unfortunate that some of us throw the manual away, or just put it someplace where they can refer to it in future. The manual will thus end up pilling dust over time and never get read. It is also a common thing to see people fishing out the manual only when something goes wrong either with the equipment or with the installation of the equipment. The importance of the user manual is likely not apparent in such cases. Highlighting the importance of reading the user manual will thus place us in a very good position in using and maintaining our newly bough equipment.

Details on Installation and Setup of the Equipment

It is of much better use for you to read the manual first before proceeding to install or set up your Craftsman Tiller equipment. Who else knows better how to assemble the various parts other than the maker of the equipment? Rather than proceeding blindly with the assembly, it is highly advisable that you go through the manual for instructions.

Details on the List of Parts

You will never know if everything you need to assemble or operate your Craftsman tiller is available in the packaging, unless you read the manual. This will contain information, as well as serial numbers of the various parts making up the equipment, and will be of great help o you should you need to buy some spare parts in future.

Cautionary Details

This is especially important with tiller equipment. There are some parts that may be sharp, and may cause serious harm to you or other people, and will thus require you to be extra careful in handling and using of the equipment. You will also get information on what things to avoid in order for your warranty to continue being valid, as well as information on what can reduce your equipment’s lifespan.

Maintenance Details

Every equipment will have some maintenance necessities for it to work properly and last for the duration of its lifespan. Craftsman tiller manual will have this information included, so that you can know for how long you should use the equipment, when to schedule for maintenance as well as when to clean it, how to clean it ad what products to use for cleaning the equipment.

Warranty Details

The warranty is perhaps the most read item in equipment purchases. It may be given as a separate piece of document from the user manual, or it may be included with other information in the user manual. Read the warranty to know its length of coverage, what it covers, what it does not cover as well as details on where to take the equipment for servicing when the need arises.

The above are but a few of the importance of reading your Craftsman tiller manual. You will find that these apply not just to tillers but also to all other equipment that you purchase for use, either in your home or in the farm.

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