Salvaged Car Loans Difficult But Not Impossible

A salvaged car is one which has been involved in an accident or has been damaged some way or the other and the extent of damage seems to be quite a major one so the insurance company is not really interested in wasting any money on its repairs. The car that is thus, branded as salvaged car would usually be sent off to the junkyard but sometimes salvage title vehicles would be exhibited for sale for car aficionados. These car enthusiasts would be buying the salvaged cars either for the different car parts or for fixing them up for cheap transportation. They often intend to resell the salvaged vehicles once they are fully repaired and refurbished.

Salvaged Car Loans Difficult But Not Impossible

When the salvage title has been attributed to a car, it obviously implies that the car has encountered something catastrophic. The car is naturally taken off the normal registration circulation. Flooding appears to be one of the main reasons for the appearance of so many salvaged cars in the market, besides, accidents. Most of the states have strict regulations and any car whose repair costs have exceeded 75% of the car’s real worth, is assigned the salvage car title. When these cars are ultimately exhibited in the market, the repair and refurbishment work is already completed and it is left to the prospective buyer to check out the details and make sure that the repair work is complete and not just cosmetic. You could visit for more information and car purchase solutions.

Some Tips for Getting Finance for Salvaged Cars

If you are trying to get cheap loans to finance salvaged cars it would be really challenging. However, you could try out the following tips for successfully financing such vehicles with cheap car loans.

  • The purchaser must have a brilliant credit score, an excellent credit history and flawless track record of making timely payments in case of any previous debt.
  • He requires to locate a lender who would be interested in financing a salvaged car, as the car is supposed to be the collateral for the cheap car loans, he is looking for.
  • The loan that he gets must have low-interest rates so that the purchase decision could be worthwhile. It would certainly not make any sense if you invest in a cheap car and then go about spending huge amounts of money as interest on loans.
  • Remember when finances are involved, there is no substitute for good relationship. Start looking for loans from your current lenders or previous financiers if you are having a wonderful track record, as far as, they are concerned. It would really work if you are able to deal with any agent whom you seem to know personally.
  • Browse through the Internet to find second or third tier lenders who claim to be financing salvaged vehicles. However, these loans would be coming with a high-interest rate.
  • Bring your good credit report and the mechanic’s statement as they would be critical pieces of evidence to convince the lender as they would surely be assessing their risk level. You obviously need to convince the lenders that you are actually a low-risk borrower.
  • If possible you must try to get a statement from your precise insurance carrier saying that they are ready to insure the car. Of course, this is applicable only in case of a rebuilt car. It would be otherwise, difficult to find an insurer who is willing to write any policy on a salvaged vehicle that is yet to be repaired and refurbished.


Many people consider salvaged cars and the loans financing them as a gamble for everybody involved. However, if you follow the above-mentioned tips, it would be easier for you to get a loan approved for your salvaged car. Remember documentation and details are the keys to a successful deal. If you are able to organize more paperwork describing repair work and current status of the salvaged car, the easier it would be for you to get cheaper loans.

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