Use Of Marinade In Recipes

Licious has constantly endeavoured into creating marvellous recipes for everyone to taste. It is no surprise that we have prompted a wide range of scrumptious marinades with the help of our five-star chefs. Their labour has resulted in some delicious outcomes and it is our motto to help transform your staples into something special! Forget long shopping lists and lengthy recipes, we are here to give you the real taste of real food. Our versatile and healthy food products are a great way to kick-start your cooking and eat food that is flavourful.

Use Of Marinade In Recipes

Our incredible marinade flavours and fresh meat combine to form some mouth-watering dishes that you will want to cook every day. All the products used to create the marinades are homemade and quality that you can trust. The genius hands of our chefs createthe cheese and yoghurt to perfection. The spices we use are all sun-dried and always freshly ground. We never compromise on the quality of our products.

The Variety

We have one lamb recipe, nine very different chicken recipes and two fish recipes to make life much easier for you. Each of the diverse recipes comes along with an instruction on how to prepare them. The time required from the very beginning until the end is also very accurately mentioned on our website.

The Flavours

The chicken marinades includePeriPeri Chicken, Caribbean jerk Chicken- boneless, Chicken Malai Tikka, Chicken Tikka-Boneless, LiciousMurgZabarmast Kebabs, ShahiSeena Hara Kabab, Chicken Meatballs with Olives and Cheese, Oriental Chicken Lollipops and finally Habanero Chicken Wingers. These recipes have been created with an agreeable twist and use all fresh homemade ingredients like dried herbs, cream, yoghurt, etc. We bet you will be swooning in bliss after having a bite of these.

The Lucknowi Lamb is prepared with our secret spice mix and a whole lot of love. This cheesy pickled tikki has the ability to transport you to the land of joy.

The marinades of the two delightful fish recipes are full of rich hand-ground spices that will tingle your taste buds and please your palette. The Hola Mackerel comes straight from the coastal waters dipped into a delectable marinade of garam masala and plopped onto your plate. The easy-to-cook Prawn Skewers is made with a hint of coconut and a lot of spices to give you that five-star taste.

Get used to only great taste with Licious!

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