Increasing Reputation Of College Football In USA

Since the American Professional Football Association was formed in 1920, American football has grown an enormous worldwide fan base, and the first game was being played on 3rd October 1920. From that day onwards this particular sport has developed to be what it is today with a larger fan base in America than the game of Baseball. Two years later after the birth of APFL, the NFL was born in 1922 and gradually became the Major League of American Football.

Increasing Reputation Of College Football In USA

According to Jonathan Bunge, America is a game-obsessed country although its sports are local, similar to that of its politics. College football thrives in the cities, towns and regions that have been neglected by professional sports. College players are considered as hometown celebrities, regardless of which region they might actually come from and hence love for these players and teams has been passed down from generation to generation.

Each team has its own colors and its own uniform. There are also several positions that each player usually play. But, one of the most followed and most significant position is the quarterback. He is regarded as the leader of the Football team and the other players take his lead and tend to follow him. In order to get the ball to the other players, American football uses the quarterback. But others types of the game actually play by different rules and hence do not use this position on the field. But, each of them is taken seriously as much as the other one.

Another type of this game is also called ‘soccer’ in varied parts of the world. The sport of football in America goes back decades and has developed over the years. In the very beginning one can see that the team starting playing in suites and they grew into wearing different colors uniforms to identify each team apart. The quarterback wears the same as the rest of the team In the American football. One may also find that in each of the state, the time of year college football is played may be different as well. But the things that are similar are they have the same number of players on each team, they play on a particular field and the points are scored by hitting a ball between goal posts.

One may also find that each year the sport rules could change. The leagues try to understand and evaluate what has happened in the previous year to make sure that there are less injuries on the field and the game stays fun. Many of the well-known players are paid well, depending upon the position they play and being on the team, and for how long they have been playing and how efficiently. They too are struggling hard so they could win the sport. Like any other game, football also has its own documentations that need to be followed. The football rules are very significant to maintain in every game to prevent prohibition or from possible fine. Thus, as Jonathan Bunge says, American football has been around for a pretty long time and it is going to be around for centuries more.

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