Road Tripping On A Motorbike

There’s nothing quite like road tripping on a motorbike.  Enjoy breathtaking scenery, winding roads and the complete freedom to ride wherever you like.  Motorbike road trips are one of the great joys of being a rider but the success of your trip may largely depend on how well prepared you are.

Road Tripping On A Motorbike

Planning ahead is the key to any kind of motorbike road trip adventure.   It’s OK being spontaneous, going for it and having fun, however it can also be potentially dangerous.  It’s a fact of life that accidents happen on the roads every day involving motorbikes.  With this in mind, make sure you take the telephone number of recommended motorbike accident lawyers, it’s better to be safe rather than sorry.

Before Setting Off, Ask yourself these Questions

Car drivers are able to take off at a moment’s notice but motorcyclists are much more vulnerable to physical exhaustion, storing issues, not forgetting the weather.  So you have a successful road trip, before setting off ask yourself these questions:-

  1. Where are you planning to ride?
  2. Are you going to sleep under the stars or book accommodation?
  3. How long will you be gone?
  4. When will you fuel up?
  5. What’s the weather forecast like?
  6. Do you have all the relevant safety gear?

Having a general plan about your road trip is very important.  Get familiar with your route and do lots of research to find out which roads lead to where.  Let loved ones know your travel schedule and be realistic about the timescale.  Make sure your bike is in tip-top condition, serviced regularly and maintained properly.

Packing for your Motorbike Road Trip

Packing your motorbike for a road trip can be quite a delicate art.  The first priority is to take everything with you that you need to be safe and comfortable, so don’t hurry it.  Remember to check out your bike’s manual for the maximum amount of weight it should be carrying.  Take too much and over-packing can upset the front/rear balance.  Here are a few must items to pack:-

  • Cell phone and charger
  • Maps or GPS device
  • Waterproof riding gear
  • Owner’s manual
  • Repair and tyre inflation kit
  • First- aid kit
  • LED-powered emergency flare
  • Bottled water and high energy snacks
  • Insurance documents
  • Contact telephone number of reputable injury compensation claim lawyers

If you’re unfortunate enough to have an accident on your motorbike road trip which wasn’t your fault, you can make a claim for compensation.  Sustained an injury as a result of a motorbike accident through no fault of your own in the last three years? Get in touch with dedicated lawyers who will make a compensation claim on your behalf.

Double Check Your Insurance

When riding on unfamiliar roads for long stretches of time, make sure you are covered in case of an accident or break down.  Having the right type of motorbike cover is absolutely essential for road tripping.