The Complete Guide To The Entertainment Scene In Chennai

Chennai at a glance might not seem interesting or intriguing but look closely and you will see that the city has much more to offer than you really think. There are a plethora of things you can do in the city for entertainment and fun. This article talks about a few of those.

History is carved in each edge of the Chennai city. While the hold in Chennai was the source of power for some South Indian kingdoms through the ages, the history of the city started during the time when the British ventured on the shores of Chennai and settled with the foundation of Fort St. George in 1644. Chennai played a theater of fight between the British, and the French provincial strengths furthermore the kingdom of Mysore. Today, Chennai is a modern city offering all that expected of a modern Indian city. Check for the Chennai to Mumbai flight low fareand plan a trip to Mumbai after that where your experience will be taken up by a notch. But while in Chennai, here are some of the things in store for you in entertainment.


Whether you are with your family or companions, Shopping is a fun activity in Chennai. There are numerous malls in the city with the standouts being the City Centre, the Spencer Plaza, Express Avenue and Gold Mall. While most of the malls are modern infrastructures, some malls are old and some even built during the British rule which were renovated for the purpose of using it as a shopping mall. Shopping malls are coming up at an increasingly fast rate in Chennai.

Shopping in Chenai


As the sun goes down, the soul of the young fun loving youngsters come to live. There are numerous alternatives accessible in the city to breath life into your late night hours, for example, bars, discos, lounges, and so on. The clubs in Chennai have the right mood, stylistic layout alongside the splendid lights, and tasteful drinks, both, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Venture into one to submerge yourself in the sensational party. Here, you can dance your heart out to heart thumping EDM tracks in the midst of disco balls, like minded and fun loving people.

Chennai nightlife

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are one of the top tourist attractions to the city, especially people with kids and travelling with the whole family. Chennai has a host of amusement parks which proves to be fun day out not just for the kids but the older people as well! The parents too automatically take par with their kids in the rides and end up having a blast and creating memories they can cherish forever. Some of the best, biggest and most sought after amusement parks can be found in Chennai.


What can you expect when you play home to one of the longest beaches in the world and numerous other beaches? Yes, beach activities! Long walks in the beaches, beach sports and most importantly the water sports are what attract the visitors to the beaches in Chennai. Try your hand at the various watersport and always remember, safety first!