Top 4 Packing Tips To Avoid Problems When Unpacking

Packing your things before moving to a new place is already a difficult task. Unpacking them and placing all of them in their respective places in your new home could be an even bigger problem. There are ways to avoid these problems though.

  1. Put all the day 1 essentials in one clear container

You don’t have to rearrange all the items that were moved to your new place on day 1. You might still be tired from packing and you have just arrived after a long trip. You might just want to rest first and take a few days off before unpacking. If this is what you want, it is totally understandable. The only problem is that you still have to unpack some of your things that will you need right away. This includes some clothes, toiletries, and cooking materials. The best thing to do is to place all the items you will need on day 1 in just one clear container. Then, you only have to unpack that container and move on with the other stuff in the next few days.

  1. Properly label the boxes

Another problem as soon as you arrive is you might get confused about all the boxes. You don’t know what you have placed inside each box and which one you should open first. You might have tried to group them before leaving, but you still can’t remember them all. This is true especially if all boxes look the same. To solve this problem, it is best to label the boxes properly. Don’t just write the general classification of the boxes but the detailed items you have placed inside if possible. You should also write which rooms they need to go to so that you can place them in the right areas immediately.

  1. Go to your new house and clean it first before moving in

Another reason why unpacking is so difficult is because you are confused with what to do with your old things and where to properly place them. You might not have seen the house before so you have only made projections. Visiting your new house before moving in allows you to identify which of your old items you need to bring and which of them should be left behind.

  1. Pack plates vertically so they will be less likely to break

The biggest problem of all is when you arrive at your new place and some breakable items have been damaged. To avoid this from happening, you need to know the proper way of packing them. For instance, plates have to be packed vertically as they are less likely to break, especially on a bumpy road.

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