The Most Important Benefits Of Live In Care For Your Loved One: Your Questions Answered

Caring for an elderly loved one may not be such an easy task, especially if you have a family of your own and if you yourself are working full-time. But this is a task that must be done, especially if your loved one or family member wishes to stay at home. Fortunately, this is where the innate usefulness and value of a live in carer comes in.

If you are thinking of acquiring a live in carer for your loved one but haven’t quite made up your mind, here’s what you should know: the most important benefits of live in care that answers all your questions and concerns.

A Dedicated Caregiver at Home

There is something to be said about caregivers who stay with your loved one at home – whilst they are there, they have no other individuals to look after. They can therefore offer one-on-one support and care to your elderly loved one, which is a far cry from what your loved one would most likely get with a residential care centre. Whatever your loved one needs, they will receive it as quickly as possible, as the carer will have their full attention on them.

careThe Comforts of Home

Whilst many residential care centres are quite comfortable, there’s still nothing like the comforts of home for your loved one. At home, they are surrounded with familiar objects and with their own possessions, and they can move about with confidence. In fact, in a survey conducted by a leading poll agency in 2014, it was found that approximately 97% of the survey respondents prefer to live at home rather than move into residential care.

A Happier, More Productive Environment for your Loved One

With live in care, your loved one can benefit from a happier, more productive environment overall. The carer is not only there to assist them with whatever they need, whether it’s cooking or cleaning for them or helping them with physical tasks. The carer also serves as a valuable companion, helping your loved one feel less lonely or isolated. A good carer will also encourage your loved one to immerse themselves in different hobbies and interests, so this in itself makes your loved one happier and more productive. As a result, your loved one will develop their confidence and well-being as well.

A Practical Solution for Everyone

Having a carer for your loved one at home will also relieve you of the immense pressure of caring for your family member full-time. You can, of course, still spend time with your loved one, but the pressure and stress of caring for them is reduced. Having a live in carer is indeed a practical solution for everyone concerned.

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