Which Granite Worktop Colour should You Choose? A Comparison between Light and Dark

If you are thinking of having a granite worktop for your home – particularly for your kitchen or bathroom – it’s important not only to choose the right design and configuration, but also the colour or hue as well. With the proper colour for your granite worktop, you’ll know that you’ve made the right choice. There’s nothing worse than choosing a granite worktop colour, having it fitted and installed, and then finding out that the colour doesn’t suit your kitchen or bathroom at all! So, in order to avoid this kind of dilemma (which is costly enough in itself), it’s important to choose the right colour for your granite worktop from the beginning.

With granite, however, you have just two basic options: light or dark. Of course, dark granite worktops come in different hues as well, from striking and stunning black to a lighter greyish colour, and light granite worktops can come in pale beige, light brown, and more. But what should you consider when selecting between light or dark? Here’s what you should keep in mind.

Granite Worktop

Dark-coloured granite worktops

In many cases, it’s about personal choice and preference. Are you more of a pastel-lover or a charcoal-lover? If you see yourself more as a charcoal lover, then a dark granite worktop might just be the right choice for you. Of course, you also have to consider the existing design and colour theme of your kitchen or bathroom and make sure that the dark granite worktop will fit well with it (unless, that is, you’re planning an all-out remodel).

If your kitchen or bathroom is large enough, a dark granite worktop may be a wonderful choice. This is especially true if the room has larger windows and a good source of natural lighting. But if your kitchen or bathroom is small or does not get sufficient natural light, you should think twice before opting for a darker granite worktop.

You may also need to remember that dark granite worktops work very well with lighter-coloured cupboards and cabinets. The contrast can be quite striking, giving your kitchen or bathroom a more unique look.

Light-coloured granite worktops

Light granite worktops are also quite popular, especially for kitchens or bathrooms which already have light or even white-coloured tiles or flooring. If you would like your kitchen or bathroom to have more of a ‘country’ feel and look more rustic, then light granite worktops can transform the room and make it look more cosy and homey. You can opt for granite worktops in a cream hue or in a light brown or light grey hue, depending on the colour theme of your kitchen or bathroom.

With the right colour for your granite worktop, as granite worktops London suppliers like J.R. Stone confirm, your kitchen or bathroom can be transformed without too much effort.

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