6 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Office Location

When you’re a first-time business owner, it’s easy to get so excited about the prospect of launching that you fail to take stock of the important details. Finding a great address, in an impressive location is one of them. Fortunately, Singapore is filled with lively, corporate districts and they’re ripe with opportunity for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Whether you decide to set up shop in Central, Quarry Bay, Wan Chai, or Admiralty, you’ll find good transport links, state of the art facilities, and a friendly, engaged labour market. So, all of the tools that you need for success are out there. It’s just a matter of searching for the perfect office location where they all come together.

Keep reading for some advice on how to make the most out of your business location in Singapore or any other major city.

Know Your Business

The first step is taking a close look at what it is you require. What do you need to function smoothly and efficiently? Aside from the basics like a reliable internet connection, a cleaner, a mailbox, and a telephone line, what other assets are important? You might need access to a boardroom, for example, or designated parking spots for guests.

Assess the Options

You should be aware that, these days, long-term office leases aren’t the only viable option. Click here to check out the perks and features available in a premium serviced workspace. This kind of arrangement, with its negotiable terms, can be a great stepping stone to a more permanent headquarters, particularly if you need to make a location decision fast.

Find Your Audience

It’s no good committing to a new address until you know that it’s going to resonate with consumers. For instance, a tech startup should be looking at areas with a high proportion of young adults (aged 20-35), because this is the target demographic. Even if you’re not meeting directly with customers, the company should be visible to them.

Infiltrate the Community

For the same reasons, you are advised to spend some time in the areas which you are most interested in before you make any final decisions. Talk to locals. Read the regional newspapers. Check out the competition. Singaporeans like new products, but they also show great loyalty to their favourite brands. You need to work out how to catch their eye.

Consider Your Employees

If you’re a lone entrepreneur or a two person team, you can afford to make some selfish decisions about where you’re based. However, as soon as you add full-time employees to the mix, their needs must come first. If they’re not happy, they won’t give you the best possible performance, so make life easy for them. Are there transport links nearby? Does the building come with plenty of parking spaces?

Look Beyond Cost

While the cost of a new office should be top of the agenda, it isn’t the only factor that might influence your selection. You could land yourself a great rate, but if the infrastructure isn’t right, you’ll struggle to get the business off the ground. Make sure that all of the things you need (IT support, telephone answering, printing facilities, co-working spaces etc.) are provided before you start marvelling over a low premium.

How to Make Your Success an Inevitable Outcome

If you’re planning an expansion or you’re trying to launch your first company, there needs to be a careful balance between speed and caution. The easiest way to achieve it with serviced office solutions, because they offer fully flexible terms. You can move right in and start using a ‘ready to go’ workspace, complete with furniture, décor, broadband, PA support, phone services, and more.

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