Good Times For David Villa In The MLS

There is a large contingent of retiring players from European super leagues who have found a home at top MLS clubs. Among those superstars who are finishing their careers in America, David Villa is among those who is having a great time. The Spanish midfielder was voted the MLS Most Valuable Player in the last season. This season has seen the world cup winning player pick up from where he left of last season. Already the player has had impressive stats.

The New York City Football Club beat Philadelphia union 2-0 in a recent encounter where Villa proved that he is truly a world class player. He scored from fifty yards out. And his reason for scoring from that far out? He was tired! Only David Villa would have the audacity to attempt to score against Andre Blake from such a distance. Blake is arguably one of the best goal keepers in the MLS.

Good Times For David Villa In The MLS

It looks like it is going to be another good season for Villa at NYCFC. This is not to encourage you to make a bet at the top online gambling sites. Online casino sites like and gambling houses offer a lot more stats that are useful in analyzing when coming up with the best bets.

There is so much analyzing in the world of sport to day. There is tech that will tell the distance that each player covers in a specific game. The ordinary sports fan now has become accustomed to knowing the number of assists that a player has made in the season. Traditionally it was just the number of goals. Villa has had four goals and three assists in the last six games.

America has really become rich pickings for players from Europe. The influx of players coming from top world leagues will certainly improve the quality of American football. Without a doubt David Villa’s goal against Philadelphia will be ranked among the best goals in league for some time.

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