The Top 5 Factors Which Separate Self-Catering Accommodations from Hotels

Staying in a traditional place (such as a hotel) when you’re on holiday may seem like a nice thing to do, but there are many other options out there, and they are well worth exploring. The hotel, after all, does offer you only a limited amount of service, and at the same time you’re getting charged often ridiculous rates for comfort that you don’t really need.

The Top 5 Factors Which Separate Self-Catering Accommodations from Hotels

Self-catering accommodations provide the solution when you’re tired of sticking to a specific schedule (breakfast, noon, supper meals, tours, pools, and so on) and when you don’t want to be locked in by a specific menu. Furthermore, self-catering places encourage you to explore and have a real adventure. Are you planning a holiday soon? Here are the top five factors which separate self-catering accommodations from hotels.


You go to a hotel, and you’re guaranteed to be bothered with check-in and check-out schedules; not just at the beginning and end of your hotel stay, too – every time you want to go out. The hotel schedule will also dictate when you have your breakfast, your lunch, your supper, and possibly your snacks. These problems are all avoided with self-catering accommodations; you decide your schedule without having to worry about what other people have in mind.

Value for Money

You’d be surprised at how much money goes out the window due to little snacks left and right or a drink here or there. At a hotel it can really be expensive. Furthermore, think about the amount of space and the facilities you can enjoy at self-catering accommodations in comparison to the hotel – it’s an enormous difference. It’s value for money.


You don’t have to worry about being bothered by neighbours – and you don’t have to worry about your kids bothering the other guests. You have your privacy, and that’s a big plus indeed.

You do as you please

Self-catering accommodations such as self-catering apartments in Edinburgh are designed to make you feel at a home away from home, and you can really do as you please. You have freedom, just like you would have in your own home; there’s no need to insist on formality or decorum. You can be yourself.

Your choice

A hotel has a set menu. With self-catering accommodations, however, you can have whatever you want. Check out the cuisine in local restaurants (cheaper) or cook for yourself (important when you or family members have dietary restrictions).

When you’re going on a holiday – especially with a family and with children – it’s often good not to restrict yourself and to be open to options. Self-catering accommodations take care of this; you can find a place that is perfect for you and your brood. It’s a new level of enjoyment indeed.

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