A High-roller’s Guide to 5-Figure and 6-Figure Betting

Achieving high-roller status in the gambling world is the ultimate dream for many players.

The prospect of winning five or six figure sums in one spin of the wheel, turn of a card or sporting event is something most gamblers would admit they aspire to.

In the casino industry, having success with the best bonus code can open the door to becoming a VIP player where you are offered your own reserved table and dedicated staff to service your gambling needs.

Whether you’re gambling online or in a real-life establishment, having the financial clout to sustain your status as a high-roller is the most important factor to consider.

Being able to place a sizeable wager is one thing, but the ability to do it on a consistent basis without going broke sets apart the high-roller from the regular stakes player.

Placing a series of maximum bets will soon get you noticed, opening the door to VIP memberships and special offers not available to most people.

Some online casinos have a separate section specifically targeted at high-rollers where you can find the games with the highest betting limits.

Whether it’s slots or table games, these are suitable for players looking to spend more and climb up the gambling ladder.

Knowing the intricacies of your chosen game is crucial to becoming a high-roller. If you’re playing poker you need to learn when to raise, check, bluff or fold, so that when the stakes are high you’re in the best position to reap the rewards.

The television explosion in poker gives the impression that this is where the high-rollers assemble, but baccarat tends to be their game of choice.

Baccarat is a simple game where you bet on whether the player or dealer get closer or tie to a combination of “9” with the cards they’re dealt.

The game is particular popular in Macau, with baccarat high-rollers accounting for 90% of the total gaming revenue their according to research by BAML.

Many high-rollers use rebates to their advantage, with casinos reimbursing players a percentage of their losses. Someone with a five percent rebate deal who loses £50,000 would effectively only hand over £45,000, giving players the opportunity to win back their money if they hit a losing streak.

Simply having the funds to spend isn’t enough on its own to secure your status as a high-roller. Membership of this exclusive club relies on making substantial deposits on a frequent basis and then staking accordingly.

Becoming a high-roller requires significant funds and skill, but the rewards can be enormous for players who are prepared to hone their craft.