How Can I Protect My IT Network from Worms?

Protecting your dog from worms is relatively straightforward – you just have it persuade it to swallow a tablet. Protecting your computer is a bit trickier.

How Can I Protect My IT Network from Worms?

Worms in a computer sense can cause severe disruption to networks and beyond, as they attempt to spread from machine to machine without the user’s knowledge. They may also attempt to disable security measures aimed at keeping systems secure.

Staying up to date

One of the best ways to ensure your system is protected against worms is to keep it up to date. Applying the latest operating system and software patches as soon as possible lessens the chance of infection.

You should also take regular backups of your data – preferably to an external drive that is not kept with the computer – so that you are can recover your essential data if something goes wrong. Even if you backup regularly to the cloud, it is a good idea to make occasional saves to an external drive as an additional precaution.

How Can I Protect My IT Network from Worms?

It is also important to have current security software. Companies such as can supply endpoint security management to protect all the devices on your company network, even those – such as laptops for mobile users – that is not attached all the time. Having security software is only part of the protection, of course; in addition, you must perform regular scans and act on any infections found.

Staying alert

There is only so much technology can do to protect your systems; in addition, you need to make sure that everyone in the business who uses a computer is alert to the possibilities of infection. This means educating people not to open unexpected email attachments, to be wary of links to unfamiliar websites, and not to pass on jokes and other email memes however funny they may seem.

If an email message looks suspicious – even if it appears to come from an individual or organisation you know – it is always best to check. It is better to send a message back and check that they sent you an attachment or a link rather than opening it straightaway.

Just like protecting your dog, protecting your computer from worms is an ongoing process and one you cannot afford to ignore.

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