How Home Automation Saves Money

Increasingly we’re living in a world of ‘smart’ devices that are able to communicate and accept commands via the internet. Whilst you might think that this is just so much extra gadgetry, automating some aspects of your home has many practical benefits, not least that it can save you money.

How Home Automation Saves Money

Heating systems

One of the main ways automation can make your house more efficient is in the control of your energy usage – The main cost in running any home is heating, whatever fuel you use. Smart thermostats allow you to control your heating remotely from your smartphone, so you can switch it on if you’re going to be home early, or leave it off for longer if you are going to be late.

Some systems are able to respond to changes in weather, they also operate the boiler more efficiently so it only runs as needed to reach the programmed temperature. These smart systems can also alert you if the temperature in your house falls below a pre-programmed level.

Electrical control

Home automation companies such as can also supply systems that are able to control electrical appliances. This eliminates worries about things being left on standby and still consuming energy. Many homes are now being converted to smart meters which allow you to monitor your usage.

How Home Automation Saves Money

By using sensors that can detect if someone is in the room, lights can also be automatically switched on and off as you move around the house. You can also control the ambience of a room by altering the brightness and colour of the lighting from your phone or a voice operated assistant. Smart watering systems can look after your houseplants or your garden when you’re away from home, but they also use water efficiently, so if you’re on a metered supply you can save on your bills.

While all of this can save on your costs, by cutting gas, electricity and water use, there are other ways automation can help you save too. Primary among these is security systems. By being able to monitor your home remotely, not just for burglary but for other problems like fire and water leaks, you can reduce your insurance costs. Detectors for smoke, carbon monoxide and other things can be set to alert you remotely via a smartphone.

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