Marketing Matters – Top Tips To Make A Success Of Your Gym

The fitness industry has enjoyed a massive boom in recent years, with people increasingly interested in improving their health and wellbeing.

Gyms can be found in every town and city, and owners face a big battle to boost membership numbers and stay ahead of the competition.

Marketing a gym properly can be the key to its success, so read on for our top tips on how to give your business the edge.

Don’t skimp on your website

It can be tempting to try and cut corners to keep costs down, but investing resources into a regularly updated website will help you attract new members and retain existing ones.

Making a strong first impression is vital in any industry, while ensuring it’s easy for people to find details about gym sessions or fitness classes keeps existing members happy too.

Publishing regular features about what’s been going on at your facility builds a sense of community, helping with customer retention and strengthening your hopes of seeing new members sign up.

Special offers

Everyone loves a bargain and gym users are certainly no different. Offers to use the gym on a trial basis are always well received, allowing people to get a feel for things before fully committing.

Thinking outside of the box and utilising the Ladbrokes Casino Review could increase your budget to allow to stage an open day, giving you a captive audience of potential new customers who you can convert into full paying members of your gym.

Social media matters

Establishing a strong social media presence is crucial to the success of any business.

Facebook and Twitter tend to be many people’s first port of call when they’re looking for information. Failure to keep these platforms updated and monitored is an easy way to lose existing members and drive potential new customers elsewhere.

Encouraging engagement with your social content is a simple way of securing free advertising for your business, effectively providing one of the best types of targeted marketing as members share your posts with their family and friends.

Run competitions and challenges

Running events like cardio challenges or cycling races create a sense of fun, giving your members the motivation to spread the word that your gym offers a vibrant fitness environment.

Prizes such as fitness clothing or membership discounts aren’t costly, but proves to your members that you value their business.

Create a social environment

Investing in events such as a Christmas party gives members the chance to interact with staff on a different level outside the gym environment.

This can help with retention rates, but if you also make sure they are suitable for children to attend these will help you attract your future members too.

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