Everyday Uses Of Silicone

Silicone is a product that is finding more and more uses. Whereas it was once used mostly in building and manufacturing, you can now find silicone products for home baking and for use all around the home; in fact, it might surprise you to find how many uses there are for this product.

What is silicone?

Silicone is a man-made polymer. It comprises long chains of silicone and oxygen molecules, with other organic groups attached. What these groups alter the performance of the silicone product. Silicone products behave a lot like plastics, as they can be molded and are flexible. This is what makes them useful for so many applications.


You probably have silicone sealants in your bathroom. They are popular for sealing the edges of baths and basins, as they provide good adhesion and last well. Silicone adhesive is also popular, providing a glue that is resistant to moisture, heat, rust, UV radiation and more.


Silicone bakeware has become popular in recent years. With a natural non-stick coating, it is easy to turn out baked goods from the tin once cooked. Silicone cupcake cases are reusable, as they simply need washing between bakes. Coming in a range of colors, they provide an attractive, reusable alternative to single-use paper cases.


Silicone products are used extensively in vehicles. A silicone coating will protect and waterproof the paintwork for a car. Silicone seals perform well around windows and doors, and silicone is also used in the seals and gaskets within the engine. Vehicles are also one of many types of machinery that make use of silicone hoses, which are available from suppliers such as https://www.goodflexrubber.com/pages/silicone-hose-manufacture.

Personal care products

Silicones also show up in makeup and hair care products. Silicone brings a smooth and long-lasting finish to makeup, meaning it is a useful addition to the foundation, lipstick, and most other makeup products. As silicone products are relatively inert, they are safe to use on the skin, although you may want to avoid them if you suffer from acne.

Adhesive and non-stick

Silicones can be either adhesive, such as in silicon glues, or non-stick. Silicone is often added to paper products, such as the backing sheets of stickers, to enable them to be easily peeled off.

Silicone’s properties make it a versatile and effective ingredient in many products in all walks of life.

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