Taking The Dust Out Of Industrial

 Working in a factory environment, you might expect there to be dust flying around, and while it might seem like a normal occurrence, companies should be doing all they can to prevent dust from becoming an issue in their factories. There are many negative ways dust can impact upon in a business operation and here are a few:

Dust can have an impact on the factory machinery and equipment. It can affect the accuracy and effectiveness of machines, which in turn creates wastage. Any additional wastage is always bad for the economic viability of any business.

Exposure over time to dust particles can cause abrasion between the moving parts of equipment, requiring more maintenance and possible downtime while repairs or replacements take place. Dust can also make the finished products look older than they are. Dispatching dusty packages makes it look like you’re sending out old stock or haven’t cared for products sufficiently. This not only reduces the value of the product but also the company brand image too.

Taking The Dust Out Of Industrial

Dust that you can actually see only accounts for a small proportion of what is really in the atmosphere. Tiny dust particles can remain in the air for days and clog up any heating or air conditioning units installed on the premises. This results in a system working harder than it has to and running less efficiently. There’s also the issue of recycling poor quality air back into the building to breathed in by staff.

If there is visible dust on the floors, then rest assured the dust will be in harder to clean areas too. Areas high up, inaccessible or out of view will also be covered in a layer of dust. If this dust is disturbed, it can fall from pipes or light fittings down onto equipment and machinery. This can lead to quality control problems and even damage to machinery.

Dust also has a negative effect on the health of staff members. Small dust particles can enter the lungs, which is particularly concerning if it enters the lower parts of the lungs where it doesn’t dissolve into the blood. Dust in the lungs can cause health problems including lung disease, asthma, allergies and all manner of respiratory problems. One solution is to install high-quality equipment and procedures to keep dust to an absolute minimum. For Sack Tip Equipment, visit http://www.aptech.uk.com/materials-handling/container-fibc-sack-discharging-ancillary-processes/

Levels of dust in the atmosphere can be caused by many things in an industrial setting. The movement of vehicles and forklifts can kick up clouds of dust, as can staff members simply walking from one place to another. Draughts from external doors can also bring dust in from the outside.

It makes good business sense to invest in the right equipment as a cleaner atmosphere benefits the quality of your product, customer satisfaction and keeps your staff happier, healthier and more productive.

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