Panel Filters and Their Benefits

Firstly, what is a filter? – it removes any impurities from the air. The panel component is a flat panel surrounded by a frame most commonly found in air conditioning units. They are the most efficient way of improving the quality of the air inside your home or working environment. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that poor air quality is amongst the top five risks to public health and therefore, air filters are paramount to the health of our nation. Below are some additional benefits to consider:

Saves money on cleaning

When an air conditioning unit becomes clogged up, it can be a costly process to clean the whole pipeline of the central unit. Panel filters can simply be replaced if needed, however, more importantly, they are able to be removed and washed with ease.

Replacement costs are low

Panel filters will need cleaning regularly and replacing when necessary. The cost of doing this is minimal, especially in comparison to replacing your whole unit due to non-use of the filter. A filter protecting your unit is the best way to keep your running costs down whilst still protecting the environment around you. A dirty panel can lead to secondary pollution within the air, which will cause additional health defects. The cheap cost of replacement means that there is little excuse for dirty units.

Benefits for asthma suffers

A panel filter works well for asthma sufferers as well as those who have allergies. They can prevent dust, dirt, and hair from getting into a room, which dramatically improves the air quality within a room. Hospitals use these filters within their systems to help patients and improve the quality of the environment they are in.

When looking into purchasing a filter, you must consider the following elements:

Is the filter fit for purpose and compatible with the air conditioning unit you are using?

Consider the life expectancy of the product you are going to purchase and the cost of cleaning or replacing it.

Make sure that you research the brand of filters and check any customer reviews that may have been written, help with this can be found at

There are many filters on the market, so make sure you get the one that suits your needs, that way you will always be sure to have the best air quality possible.