How to Bike Safely at Night

Riding a bike at night can be very dangerous and risky but with the right protection and guide, it will be fun. Bikers are urged to put on reflectors that can be recognised by motorists and pedestrians.

  1. Reflecting whilst biking. Reflectors are well designed for bikers, pedestrian and motorist to communicate with each other. They help motorist to have a clear vision of the road.
  1. Lighting the bike. Bicycles and motorbikes are supposed to have a rear red light and a white light in front. The lights also help another road users to know which direction you are heading.  Lights with a flashing mechanism will help you to be more visible.
  1. Stay safe in the dark. Always advisable to ride along in the familiar streets so that you won’t get lost. Always put on the safety helmet every time you are reading. Remain on well-lit streets to avoid being ambushed by criminals.
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  1. Bike kit. Bikers must always carry their puncture kit in case they have a breakdown during the ride so that they can be safe at night.
  1. Plan Ahead. Failing to plan is planning to fail as the saying goes, always plan before embarking on night biking. All the necessity in places. Accidents are never planned so always avoid unnecessary arguments with other motorists.
  1. Get the right Bike. Did you know there’s even an online casino game named Bike Mania Slot? The right bike is one that you will call your favourite baby in case you have many babies. Making sure it has the right mechanism in place before you enjoy night riding. This will help you to be safe and avoid unnecessary breakdowns.


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