Why it is time to leave your membership spreadsheet behind

Lots of businesses and associations end up in a similar situation. When they first start out they use one spreadsheet to manage all of their members… but then they start to grow, and quickly the spreadsheet becomes complicated and jumbled.

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If you are in this situation, you may want to consider using membership management software. This software is designed to manage memberships, and it has a lot of benefits that don’t come with spreadsheets.

Here are three reasons to leave your membership spreadsheet behind:

You Can Automate the Software

One of the most annoying things about using a spreadsheet is that you have to do everything by hand. This can be seriously time-consuming, but if you are using the software you can automate most processes. For instance, the software will send out automatic emails when it is time for members to renew their memberships. This makes life much easier for you, and it gives you extra time to focus on other important tasks. It also means that there will be fewer errors!

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It Is More Secure

Membership management software is also a lot more secure than a simple spreadsheet. This is why specialist software provider https://www.ofec.co.uk/web-and-software-development-services/Membership-Management-Systems.aspx suggests you should use secure software if your spreadsheet contains personal details about your members, such as their home address and telephone number.

The software will have lots of different measures in place to ensure it is secure; all systems are password protected, and most are also cloud-based for extra security. So you can rest easy knowing that the information is safe!

You Just Need to Use One System

If you are currently using a spreadsheet to store information about your members, it is very likely that you are also using other tools to assist you. For instance, you may also be using email marketing software to send out regular newsletters and a registration platform where members sign up. This can be very difficult to keep track of, but it isn’t a problem if you are using a management system.

This is because the system will include all of the tools that you need, so you won’t need to use anything else; you can just log on to the system, and you will be able to do everything you want! This is much simpler, and it can also save time.