5 reasons why TV beats films

With the surge of high-quality television shows gracing our screens in recent years, the notion of TV beating film makes a lot of sense. Here is a look at the reasons that television comes out on top these days.

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High-quality acting

Many actors began in television before making the leap to films. Working in film was once seen as the pinnacle of an actor’s career, but many are now making the switch back to TV thanks to the quality of shows being made. With Hollywood stars such as Meryl Streep confirmed to appear in Big Little Lies, Cillian Murphy returning to the small screen in Peaky Blinders, and Idris Elba swapping Hollywood for series five of Luther, the caliber of TV acting is set to rise again.

More original ideas

Whilst there’s no doubt that franchises such as those in the Marvel Universe have gained a massive following, the film industry can sometimes seem awash with remakes and continuations of earlier films. Television is packed with original ideas, so there is a much more diverse variety of shows to watch.

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Word of mouth

Although people still share their movie-going experiences, nothing beats the buzz of a new TV show. With word of mouth often being relied upon, particularly for shows with a smaller budget, it’s amazing that TV fans tend to share their love of a good show with such passion. Don’t be one of the ones left behind when your friends are raving about a new show. For TV aerial installation Swansea has several options, so it is worth speaking to a company such as https://www.onevisionltd.co.uk/tv-aerial-installation-swansea to see if they can help keep you up to speed on what’s new and exciting on screen.

Not dependent on genre

When a film is being marketed, it must fit neatly within a certain category to appeal to target audiences. This doesn’t happen on TV, with many shows flitting between drama, horror, and romance all within one series.

More storytelling

The beauty of television is that you don’t have to cram a full story within 90 minutes. There is individual episode running times to abide by, but TV shows can span over several episodes and even multiple series, which gives writers more opportunity to delve into a story. That’s something viewers can fully appreciate.