NBA: Epic Dunk of All Time

The NBA has produced memorable and electrifying displays. From mouth-watering dribbles to a Dunk contest, the game of basketball in the NBA has never disappointed its fans. However, one might be wondering which ones are the best dunks of all time? Obviously, there are certainly big names that everyone would be expecting to see on the list.

The likes of Michael Jordan, Julius Ervin, Dominique Wilkins and Zach LaVine, these are some of the names that have set the NBA by storm with their electrifying displays on the court.

Michael Jordan (Head above the Rim 1987)

Jordan was one of those players who have multi-stunts when it comes to the dunk contest. His movements and his timing were always right; he really knew the drills of the basketball court. His slam dunk in 1987 is still be talked about to date as the best ever. Despite what LaVine did in the dunk contest the one by Michael will always be forever appreciated.

Julius Ervin (Line Dunk 1984)

Now that there is the talk of the new school in the NBA, but we cannot be partial about those who were role models in the Stephen Curry era. Julius Ervin will always remain one of the NBA icons of all time. His fine Line Dunk in 1984 will always remain in the history books. The Line Dunk he converted came in as the last one in the final round. And he utilises the chance like someone playing an online game of chance. Check out Newzealand online casino for sports-themed games.

Zach LaVine (Between the Legs 2016)

LaVine represents the new school and he has proved to be one of the best and prolific NBA superstars. His between the legs dunk in 2016 was something else. You could notice that the lad has talent especially if you watch the move on slow-motion view. On the slow-motion view, you could notice that Zach’s between the legs dunk was precisely and he made no mistake to make it look unique.  LaVine has pure talent and he will remain in the limelight in the NBA for a long time.

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