Walking for miles and miles in my garage

This week I made a big decision whilst standing in my garage. I have spent the last few months during the good weather walking around in the lovely countryside and now the weather is getting a bit colder and wetter I have been wondering how I can still get my daily activity but in a warmer, drier location. Then it hit me, my garage is too small to fit my car in and is just used to store items that I really should have sorted through and thrown out years ago. So, here is my plan.

Next weekend I have organized for Skip Hire Swansea company http://pendragoncarmarthenshire.co.uk to deliver me one of their skips and I am going to sort through all the items and throw away the bits I don’t need, which to be honest with you will probably be all of it! I am so glad that I made the decision to go for a skip otherwise I would have been making a crazy amount of trips to the tip and would have spent weeks trying to get all of the dust and dirt out of the car.

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After all of the clutter is gone and the dust cloud has dispersed (looking at the amount of stuff in the garage I am guessing this will take a while) I am going to have some MDF added to the walls of the garage which I can then cover with lining paper and paint. I’m not sure what color to paint it yet, I will have to see what mood I am in at this point – may be a nice lilac color or perhaps a sunshine yellow. Too many choices. Once the walls have been decorated I have planned to have some nice adhesive laminate floor tiles put down on the concrete basis.

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Then the real fun begins. I have bought a small cross trainer and an exercise bike. I found a great deal online. I can then pop out to the garage during the colder months, pop on the electric radiator and walk or cycle for miles in a warm and dry environment. I might even get the small tv that is currently on top of a pile of rubbish at the back of the garage, fixed to the wall so I can watch some of my favorite films whilst I cycle away. I am really excited.