Renoir Painting Stolen

Talk of art theft, a famous Renoir painting has been stolen just before it was about to go under auction. Some people may not be able to understand why they would be so much fuss over a painting. However, if that art is valued at more than €160,000, there will be a fuss.

Renoir Paintings

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, known as Auguste Renoir was a French artist.  His paintings were of the Impressionist style. He was born in 1841 and took his last breath in 1919. Hence, you can only imagine how valuable his artwork is.

Other than the stolen painting, a few famous works by Renoir include “By the Seashore”, 1883; “Pink and Blue”-1881; “The Large Bathers”-1887 and “Self-Portrait with a White Hat”-1910. All works that derseves to have their own real money online casino slot based on them.

Stolen Painting

The stolen painting was snatched from its frame in Vienna where it was held to be auctioned. The painting in question was a Reniors impression of “Golfe, mer, falaises vertes”. It was snatched from the Dorotheum.

The Doretheum in Vienna is the best-known auction house. On Monday, three men walked in and removed the painting from a wall on the 2nd floor where it was held.  The museum confirmed that the painting was stolen, however, refrained from giving any more details about the theft. The Doretheum did, however, go on to remove the painting from their website.


Authorities have released footage of three men leaving the warehouse in different directions. It is believed that these three men are the suspects. Police have also noted that the men look professional. The 1885 oil canvas is one of the lesser paintings by the French man but is still worth a fortune. All along, the painting had been held in a private collection since 1996 after it was sold at Sotheby’s for €49,639. If you need to be rich or quick cash, why don’t you play casino games online instead of stealing?

After the released pictures of the three suspects, the police went on to seek further help from the public.

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